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SUP accessories

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Looking for new SUP accessories that make it easier, more fun or safer to stand on the water? With a wide range of bags, rail savers, pumps and much more you have come to the right place.

  • SUP bag: There are various bags in our range that allow you to safely take the SUP materials with you to your destination. We have the covers for your paddle and the bags for your SUP or other gear.
  • SUP paddle cover: The SUP paddle cover is a protective cover for the blade of your paddle, it is therefore one of the more popular accessories in our range. Especially the expensive carbon blades are vulnerable and expensive to replace, with a cover you can prevent a lot of damage.
  • SUP board: We have two different SUP boards; inflatable and rigid. Inflatable SUP boards come standard with a bag so you don't have to buy a separate one, but the hard boards don't. If you are on the road a lot with your SUP board, it is wise to buy a SUP bag. This prevents a lot of misery in terms of scratches and the like. In addition to the bags for boards, we also have a number of waterproof bags so that you can take your lunch, phone or other SUP accessories into the water without it getting wet.
  • SUP pump: An important part of your SUP equipment is a pump, with which you inflate your inflatable SUP. There are a number of important things to look for when buying a pump, namely: Number of cylinders, different blowing positions, double and single action.

Help finding SUP accessories

Do you need help finding the right SUP accessories? Our specialists are ready to answer all questions and give personal advice. So don't hesitate to visit our shop or contact us by phone!

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  1. 118035_1.jpg
    STX SUP Anti wier vin US polycarbonaat
  2. 118034_1.jpg
    STX SUP vin US box polycarbobaat
  3. 118033_1.jpg
    STX Pump SUP/inflatable
  4. 118032_1.jpg
    Gladiator Double SUP pump
  5. 106243_1.jpg
    Unifiber Back fin US
  6. 112559_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Paddle Bag
  7. 110586_1.jpg
    Aztron E pump
    Special Price €84.95 Regular Price €99.99
  8. 5139990049_1.jpg
    ION Dry Bag
  9. 5139990009_1.jpg
    ION Rail lover (2 pcs)
  10. 5139990085_1.jpg
    Unifiber iSup 26 PSI
  11. 5139990084_1.jpg
    STX Floater paddle
  12. 6090330005_1.jpg
    Unifiber Electric Air 12V
  13. 5139990081_1.jpg
    Gladiator Sup Pump Double action
    Special Price €29.95 Regular Price €44.95
  14. 5139990069_1.jpg
    Fanatic Power Pump HP8
    Special Price €44.95 Regular Price €56.00
  15. 5139990064_1.jpg
    Fanatic SUP rubber Rope
  16. 5139990054_1.jpg
    STX Electric Pump 16 PSI
  17. 5110990018_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Blade Cover
  18. 6090330004_1.jpg
    Unifiber Manual Double
  19. 5110990010_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Paddle Bag
  20. 5139900023_1.jpg
    ION Paddle floater
  21. 5139990036_1.jpg
    Exocet Mast base Adaptor
  22. 116461_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Waistbelt
  23. 115822_1.jpg
    STX Electric pump 20PSI
  24. 112560_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Double Paddle Bag
  25. 110628_1.jpg
    STX Kayak Seat
  26. 5139990010_1.jpg
    ION Rail lover (2 pcs)
  27. 108676_1.jpg
    Starboard Blade Cover XS-S
  28. 108677_1.jpg
    Starboard Blade Cover M - XXL
  29. 108678_1.jpg
    Starboard Blade Cover Double
  30. 108333_1.jpg
    ION Gear Protector Blade Bag
  31. 5139990083_1.jpg
    STX SUP weed vin Slide in
  32. 5110990019_1.jpg
    Fanatic 3-piece Paddlebag
    Special Price €39.50 Regular Price €56.00
  33. 5139990051_1.jpg
    Fanatic Triple Action HP6
  34. 5139990052_1.jpg
    Fanatic Rail Protector (2pcs)
  35. 5110990005_1.jpg
    ION Paddle Bag
  36. 5110990011_1.jpg
    Prolimit SUP Double Bag
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