Impact vests

Buying guide for an Impact vest

An impact vest absorbs hard hits on the water. This can be used when practicing for example your first jumps. An impact vest can be worn just for extra safety. Make sure that an impact vest fits well, similar to a wetsuit. If an impact vest fits well, it will not continuously rise. This can be checked by fitting the impact vest and seeing if it can be pulled up above the ears by the shoulders.

Design of an impact vest

The kite impact vests are specially designed so that the impact vests fit well with a kitetrapeze. An impact vest does not provide as much buoyancy as a lifevest, but it is comparable to, for example, your wetsuit. The wetsuit that you wear provides something of buoyancy and that same buoyancy will also provide an impact vest. If there are doubts about the dimensions, it is always possible to fit them with Telstar Surf.

Floating vests

It is also possible to opt for life vest. Floating vests are certainly different than impact vests. Impact vests are, as the name suggests, intended to absorb the blows. Floats as you expect to stay afloat. Sometimes you are not aware of certain currents, coldness or an accident. During the kite, therefore, use a floating vest to keep yourself above water. When choosing the right life vest you therefore choose a life vest that fits well. It is not intended that a floating vest shoots above your head when you fall.

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