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Twintip kiteboards

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When we talk about a kiteboard, it is almost always a twintip kiteboard. Are you looking for a new kiteboard? We will explain everything you need to know about a twintip kiteboard. With a wide range of different twintip boards we can say with confidence that you will go home with the right board!

Your first twintip kiteboard

Twintip kiteboards are the most popular kiteboards. When you start kitesurfing, you will get kite lessons on a twintip board. There is a good chance that your first kiteboard will be a twintip. The advantage of a twintip kiteboard, compared to a waveboard, is that it can be sailed in both directions, as both sides of the board are the same. A twintip board usually has two fins in the front and two fins in the back. In addition, the board is equipped with straps, also called bindings, where you stand with both feet. This connects you to the kiteboard for maximum control over the board, compare it to a snowboard.

Various twintip kiteboards

Buying a kiteboard is not as easy as it seems. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your next kiteboard. There are different types of twintip kiteboards, each with its own advantages. One is made for freeride (back and forth kiting, jumping and comfort), while on the other hand there are boards made for freestyle / wakestyle and so on. Compared to freeride kiteboards, these boards mainly have more rocker and channels, very different characteristics than those of a freeride kiteboard. Most kiters who start with kitesurfing will purchase a freeride board or an all-round board. Below we explain exactly the different disciplines and shapes:

  • Beginners and freeride twintip kiteboards: These twintips are the all-rounders and provide maximum comfort in all circumstances, this type is therefore very popular all around the world. You can decide for yourself what you're about to do. The twintip is forgiving and a great option if you're looking to purchase your first board after a couple of lessons or for practicing your first jumps and gaining maximum control over your board.
  • Performance freeride / Big Air twin tip kiteboards: Sometimes the performance freeride boards are confused with “standard” freeride boards. The performance freeride boards are freeride boards which are more performance oriented. You can actually see it as a middle way between freeride and freestyle boards. This way you can make crazy tricks and big airs without losing comfort.
  • Freestyle twintip kiteboards: Do you like nothing more than doing tricks all day long? Then the freestyle twintips are yours! These boards are often used with boots, but you can also opt for a set of straps. The unique thing about this type of board is the grip, which helps you to push off on the water making you go into the air effortlessly and make your tricks.
  • Wakestyle twintip kiteboards: Wakestyle twintips are kiteboards which feel themselves more at home in the kitepark and is resistant of obstacles and kickers. A wakestyle kiteboard often has a big rocker and you use them with boots.
    Make unhooked tricks with your kite low above the water and the adrenaline far over your ears. That's what it's all about! You often see wakestylers kiting with boots, this helps you to push off even harder and land better after making radical tricks.
  • Lightwind twintip kiteboards: Still getting out on the water with little wind? Then a lightwind twintip is an excellent choice! The board has a stable platform due to its large size. This, in combination with the flat rocker, ensures that the twintip makes a great deal of contact with the water. This gives you a lot of speed and makes getting upwind easier.

What size of kiteboard do I need

This choice depends on your riding level and weight. Now that we know what type of twintip we want, we have to look for a suitable size. During and after your first lessons you have probably sailed on a large board which is about 150cm in size. This has the advantage that a large board gives you extra buoyancy. This makes it easier for you to practice kitesurfing with less wind. After your lessons you will probably purchase a board with a size of approximately 142cm (depending on your weight). We have like this 'standard' rule; the bigger your board and kite, the faster you will get away with little wind. Perfect to spend many kite hours on the water.

As you progress and enjoy sailing, you may consider purchasing a smaller board. Where in the beginning a large board is advantageous, because you will make many kite hours, a large board also has its disadvantages. The harder the wind, the more force it takes to hold your side / rail. For men, depending on the weight, we recommend a twintip between 134 and 140cm. Women are generally lighter and will therefore often take a size smaller.

Twintip kiteboard brands

A wide range of twintips also come with a lot of brands. These have been carefully selected by our specialists, you will find the following brands in our (online) shop: Brunotti, Cabrinha, Duotone, F-One, Gaastra, Naish, North, Ozone, Core, Peter Lynn & Reedin.


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  1. 115914_1.jpg
    Core Fusion 6
  2. 115369_1.jpg
    Duotone Jaime 2024
  3. 115370_1.jpg
    Duotone Jaime SLS 2024
  4. 115315_1.jpg
    Ozone Torque V3
  5. 115374_1.jpg
    Duotone Soleil 2024
  6. 115372_1.jpg
    Duotone Select 2024
  7. 115433_1.jpg
    Naish Monarch 2024
  8. 115437_1.jpg
    Naish Motion 2024
  9. 115439_1.jpg
    Naish Alana 2024
  10. 115373_1.jpg
    Duotone Select SLS 2024
  11. 115228_1.jpg
    North Atmos Hybrid
  12. 115227_1.jpg
    North Atmos PRO
  13. 115232_1.jpg
    North Focus Hybrid
  14. 113262_1.jpg
    Brunotti PRO X
  15. 114011_1.jpg
    Ozone CODE V3
  16. 111755_1.jpg
    Duotone Select 2023
    €539.95 Regular Price €769.00
  17. 111601_1.jpg
    North Atmos Hybrid 2023
    €544.95 Regular Price €779.00
  18. 114012_1.jpg
    Ozone CODE V3
  19. 114531_1.jpg
    F-One FONE BIG ONE-160 x 45
  20. 113743_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Ace Hybrid 2023
  21. 108351_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dimension Galactic
  22. 113263_1.jpg
    Brunotti Riptide Aqua
  23. 113742_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Ace Wood 2023
  24. 113745_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Spectrum 2023
  25. 113746_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Stylus 2023
  26. 111759_1.jpg
    Duotone Shred 2023
    €489.00 Regular Price €699.00
  27. 113572_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Reedin KevPro
  28. 113574_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Reedin Super E
  29. 113538_1.jpg
    F-One Trax HRD LT
  30. 113539_1.jpg
    F-One Trax
  31. 113266_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dimension
  32. 113348_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Duotone Spike 2023
  33. 113257_1.jpg
    Brunotti Dimension
  34. 113264_1.jpg
    Brunotti Riptide Tropic
  35. 111760_1.jpg
    Duotone Voyage 2024
  36. 111353_1.jpg
    Ozone Base V2
    €419.95 Regular Price €599.00
  37. 111756_1.jpg Try & Buy
    Duotone Select SLS 2023
    €839.95 Regular Price €1,199.00
  38. 111377_1.jpg
    Ozone Base V2
    €419.95 Regular Price €599.00
  39. 5020220265_1.jpg
    North Atmos Hybrid
    €499.00 Regular Price €699.00
  40. 109860_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Ace Wood 2022
    €399.00 Regular Price €699.00
  41. 110635_1.jpg
    Reedin Super E V3
    €414.99 Regular Price €649.00
  42. 109863_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Spectrum 2022
    €369.00 Regular Price €529.00
  43. 108396_1.jpg
    Brunotti Riptide
  44. 108370_1.jpg
    Brunotti Hawk
  45. 108406_1.jpg
    Brunotti Youri Pro
    €559.99 Regular Price €699.99
  46. Kev Pro V2
    Reedin Kev Pro V2
    €399.00 Regular Price €769.00
  47. 5020220270_1.jpg
    PLKB Patrol V3
    €499.00 Regular Price €699.00
  48. 5020220238_1.jpg
    Brunotti Discovery
    €299.00 Regular Price €419.99
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