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You need a kite pump to pump up your kite. Most kites that are used on the water are equipped with a tube, also called a tube kite. To make these tube kites fly, they will first have to be inflated.

The kites without a tube are so-called power kites. The advantage of a tube kite is that it can be supplied with air. By means of a kite pump, you provide the kite with air and thus the correct shape. Ideal for going out on the water afterwards.

Difference between the kite pumps

If you are looking for a kite pump, you will see a lot of range in kite pumps. Every kite pump ultimately has the same function, inflating your kite. The kite pumps all have a double stroke, so you can fill your kite twice as fast. However, there are small differences in every kite pump. The biggest differences are in the:

  • Pump hose
  • PSI / pressure gauge
  • Size of the kite pump

Most kite pumps have an integrated PSI meter so that you know exactly when enough pressure has been built up. With the PSI meter you can see exactly how much air there is in the kite. The bigger the pump, the more air you get into the kite at once. This will inflate your kite in no time!

How hard do you have to inflate your kite?

First of all, it is important to know how much air you actually have to put in your kite at all? The more air you pump into your kite, the harder the kite will be. It remains a personal preference, but it is still important that you pump your kite nice and hard. On average there will be about 9 PSI in a kite.

The harder the kite is, the better the kite retains its shape. A hard kite will keep its shape better. This makes the kite more direct and keeps its shape in gustier wind or when it is in the water. When the kite is in the water, it is easier to relaunch it.

It is also important to take the temperature into account. If you pump your kite hard in warm conditions and you go on a nice day on a kite holiday, it is important that your kite is not pumped up to the maximum. The warm air in the kite can expand during the day and this can cause your kite to explode. Also keep in mind if you know that you will crash the kite a lot, because you will, for example, practice new tricks, so as not to pump the kite to its very hardest.

Is my kite pumped up hard enough?

There are several tricks to determine whether your kite has been inflated hard enough. Of course you can use the PSI / pressure meter. But you can also check how hard your kite should be pumped without a PSI meter.

Pump up the kite until you feel it getting heavy

Tap the leading edge with your fingers. If you hear a high 'pojink' sound you know that your kite is inflated hard enough

As a final check you can also grab your kite at the leading edge and try to bend your kite. If it simply bends, then some air can certainly be added. If your kite hardly bends, then you know you're in the right place!

Kite pumps at Telstar Surf

At Telstar Surf, kite pumps are available from professional brands such as Bravo, Naish, Mystic, ION, Ozone, F-One, Duotone and more.

For more questions and information about the kite pumps you can always come by or contact us!

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