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Are you looking for water skis? Then you have come to the right place at Telstar Surf. Water skiing has become a popular sport since the early 1900s. Riding on the skis gives a sensational feeling on the water and will give you a lot of fun. You can do water skiing behind a boat or on a water ski slope.

Different types of water skis

Not every water ski is of course the same and there is a lot of diversity in the water ski range. It makes a lot of difference whether you are a beginner or already very good at water skiing. Below we have listed a few for you.

Beginning water skiing

When water skiing you always stay close to the surface of the water. Here you can enjoy the speed and let yourself travel wherever you want. It's easy to just let it pull you forward at the start.

Slalom Water Skiing

The advanced water skier changes from 2 skis to the monoski, which is necessary for slalom. The slalom course consists of 6 buoys and a start and a finish. At a certain speed, the skiers try to reach as many buoys as possible, each run with a shorter line.

Figure water skiing

Tricks of figures is done on a special, shorter, trickski. With the different figures that are made in the short runs, the water skier gains a number of points.

Ski Jumping Waterskiing

Ski jumping involves jumping over the ramp at high speed and the aim is to jump as far as possible. An achievement only counts if the waterskier can continue waterskiing after the jump without falling.

Difference between water skiing and wakeboarding

You can immediately recognize the difference between wakeboarding and water skiing when you look at the equipment. The winter sports of snowboarding and skiing can be used as a comparison – with one you stand with both feet on one board and the other with two skis. In skiing and snowboarding this is gravity, in water skiing or wakeboarding this power comes from a motorboat or a special cable system.

Help with buying water skis

Do you have any questions about water skis or do you need advice when purchasing? Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. You are of course always welcome in our shop where you will receive expert advice while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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    Connelly Voyage 64"
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    O'brien Platform Trainer
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    Connelly Voyage
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