Kite & windsurf vests

Kite & windsurf vests

Telstar Surf has a wide range of kite and windsurf vests ready. These vests will protect you if you make a huge fall on the water. Safety must be your first priority on the water!

What to look for when purchasing a wind and kitesurf impact vest

Type: There are two different types of impact vests. One of those two is the long version that makes it harder to use your trapeze. An advantage of the longer impact vests is that they offer more protection over your entire upper body. There are also short impact vests where the trapeze use is easier. A disadvantage of these impact vests is that they do not protect the entire upper body.

Gender: There are impact vests for women and for men. Therefore, be careful not to buy an impact vest of the opposite sex! This cannot feel comfortable, so your performance and pleasure on the water will also be less.

Size: The size of an impact vest can greatly influence your performance. To choose the right size you can visit the Telstar Surf shop or try the jackets yourself at home.

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