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Are you looking for new wakeboard boots? Then you have arrived at Telstar Surf! With a wide range of bindings, you can be sure that you will go home with a suitable pair.

Just like buying everyday shoes, wakeboard bindings are very personal. Various aspects such as size, experience and fitting come into play when choosing your boots. To find the right pair right away, we recommend stopping by our shop. Here you will receive advice from one of our specialists, if you are very sure; then you can of course also place an order online.

Types of wakeboard bindings 

In general, we distinguish between two different wakeboard bindings, namely open and closed toe boots. Of course, we also have to deal with personal preferences such as color, brand and flexibility. A distinction is made between 'regular' binding and system bindings. The 'regular' bindings are stuck on your wakeboard by boat. The system binding is a loose system where the shoe stays on your foot and you can click it fixed or loose on your wakeboard. 

  • Open wakeboard boots. Until 2006, the open commitments were the only ones you could buy as a consumer. The big difference is therefore in the response on the heel and toe, because it is a lot better compared to the closed toe bindings. In addition, they have the advantage that they have a large size range, ideal if you alternate with other wakeboarders. They are also a lot cheaper and less stiff than the closed version, making it easier to put on and take off. These boots dry faster and have good water permeability. 
  • Closed toe wakeboard boots. A number of advantages of the closed toe bonds include the heat, logically because due to the closure around the toes, virtually no water enters the boots. However, the size range is not very large and therefore often only one person has the shoes in use. The great thing about this is that the boat adapts to the shape of your foot and ultimately ensures a better connection. These boots give your feet optimal protection. The closed toe ensures that they are nice and warm and you can board all year round. These boots give you a solid feeling and offer the optimal control.

Brands wakeboard bindings 

In the range of wakeboard boots you can find different brands. Hyperlite, O'Brien and Ronix, among others, are doing very well. These brands deliver both types of bindings and look stylish. This means that you will soon be confidently hanging behind the boat or flying over the park.


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