Directional kiteboards

Directional kiteboards

Buyers guide directional kiteboard

Are you looking for a directional kiteboard? Here you can read what to pay attention to when purchasing a directional kiteboard. These kind of kiteboards are becoming more and more popular. Playing in the waves with your directional wave board feels like nothing else. To enjoy! Each wave is a new experience. The feeling while kiting with a directional kiteboard, also called wave kiteboard or kite surfboard, is a completely different experience compared to all other twintip kiteboards. The dynamic feeling of the wave under your feet in combination with the kite above you gives incredible freedom. Kiters who enjoy wave riding would rather not want anything else.

Directional kiteboards for the waves or flat water

There are different types of directional kiteboards. This way you use directional kiteboards for in the waves or on flat water. The wave kiteboards which are used for the waves will have more rocker. The more rocker, curvature in the board, the more playful the board feels and you can cut through the waves. It steers more easily, dives less quickly and gives this crispy feeling on the water. However, the 'speed' of a board with a lot of rocker is a disadvantage. A waveboard with less rocker is much faster. Upwind kiting with a flat directional board is also easier, the board offers more resistance on the water. Ultimately, most kiters are looking for a combination of those two charasteristics.

In addition to wave kiteboards, there are also freestyle directional kiteboards. Freestyle directional kiteboards offer more pop than a surfboard. This makes it easier to pop your board out of the water and make jumps. In addition, these kiteboards turn easier, which makes these kiteboards extremely suitable for old skool and crazy freestyle tricks.

The shape of a wave kiteboard

Just like with surfboards, the kite waveboards also have different tails. The tail of a board is very important in determining its performance on the water. The tail ensures, among other things, how the water flows and leaves underneath the board. There are generally three types of tails, namely those that give you the properties of the directional kiteboard:

  • Round tails: A directional board with a rounder tail provides a bit more predictability, control and grip. This is reflected in overall performance that everyone can handle.
  • Square tails: The boards with a somewhat squarer tail make it easier to catch waves. Once on the wave, your board will feel crispy and alive when making turns. Ideal for those who like to catch waves!
  • Swallow tails: Finally we have the kiteboards with swallow tail. It combines the predictability of a round tail with the lively feel of a square tail. Wonderful all-round kiting!

Waven with or without straps

In addition to the three different types of wave kiteboards, we can enter the water with or without straps. Especially if you are not yet familiar with this type of kiteboard, we recommend riding with straps, also called foot straps. Thanks to the straps on your wave surfboard, you don't just fly off your board when you catch a wave. Are you more advanced and looking for a challenge? Then it is definitely worth it to go wave riding strapless, the feeling is completely different and gives you a free feeling while shredding. If you are afraid of losing your board, it is recommended to attach a leash to your directional kiteboard.

How do I keep grip on my directional kiteboard

If you have never stood on a surfboard or directional, this is a very normal and understandable question. There are two different things you can do to maintain grip on your directional board. First of all, we have the surf pads. You can attach these pads to your surfboard once and never have to take them off again. The advantage of the surf pad is that it provides a better grip than wax, but it is slightly heavier. You can also apply wax. You have to do this every time you get on the water, so this takes a little more time than attaching the surf pads once. The advantage of wax is that it gives a more direct board feeling and is easy to remove.

Directional kiteboard brands

At Telstar Surf there is a wide choice of different brands of directional kiteboards. In our (online) shop we have: Airush, Brunotti, Cabrinha, Duotone, F-One, Naish, North & Reedin. So take a look and who knows, maybe your favorite brand in combination with the type of board will be there!

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  1. 111765_1.jpg
    Duotone Fish SLS
  2. 111768_1.jpg
    Duotone Whip SLS
  3. 110637_1.jpg
    Reedin No Brainer V2
  4. 5020660169_1.jpg
    Reedin Super Wave V2
    €799.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  5. 5020660179_1.jpg
    Duotone Wam D/LAB 2022
    €779.95 Regular Price €1,299.00
  6. 5020660161_1.jpg
    Cabrinha X:Breed
    €549.00 Regular Price €999.00
  7. 115441_1.jpg
    Naish Global 2024
  8. 115442_1.jpg
    Naish Skater 2024
  9. 115443_1.jpg
    Naish Go-To 2024
  10. 115444_1.jpg
    Naish Gecko 2024
  11. 115238_1.jpg
    North Charge PRO
  12. 115239_1.jpg
    North Comp PRO
  13. 115240_1.jpg
    North Cross
  14. 115085_1.jpg
    F-One Slice Bamboo Foil
  15. 109857_1.jpg
    Cabrinha SQuad Pro 2022
    €629.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  16. 113737_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Flare Quad '23
  17. 113738_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Method '23
  18. 113739_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Phantom '23
  19. 113555_1.jpg
    F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo
  20. 113556_1.jpg
    F-One Mitu Pro Flex
  21. 113557_1.jpg
    F-One Magnet Carbon
  22. 113558_1.jpg
    F-One Tweak
  23. 112441_1.jpg
    Airush AmpTeam
  24. 112443_1.jpg
    Airush Cypher Team
  25. 5020660182_1.jpg
    North Cross Surfboard
    €699.00 Regular Price €1,099.00
  26. 111608_1.jpg
    North Charge Surfboard
    €874.95 Regular Price €1,249.00
  27. 111767_1.jpg
    Duotone Wam SLS
  28. 111606_1.jpg
    North Cross Surfboard
    €839.95 Regular Price €1,199.00
  29. 111763_1.jpg
    Duotone Wam
  30. 111764_1.jpg
    Duotone Whip
  31. 111766_1.jpg
    Duotone Session SLS
  32. 111769_1.jpg
    Duotone Slash SLS
  33. 111770_1.jpg
    Duotone Voke SLS
  34. 111771_1.jpg
    Duotone Hybrid SLS 2023
  35. 111772_1.jpg
    Duotone Fish D/LAB 2023
  36. 111773_1.jpg
    Duotone Wam D/LAB
  37. 111774_1.jpg
    Duotone Whip D/LAB
  38. 111607_1.jpg
    North Comp Surfboard
    €979.95 Regular Price €1,399.00
  39. 5020660183_1.jpg
    North Charge Surfboard
    €699.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  40. 109856_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Cutlass Pro 2022
    €629.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  41. 5020660172_1.jpg
    Duotone Wam 2022
    €599.95 Regular Price €999.00
  42. 110638_1.jpg
    Reedin Super Wave V3
  43. 5020660181_1.jpg
    Duotone Fish D/LAB 2022
    €779.95 Regular Price €1,299.00
  44. 5020660159_1.jpg
    Cabrinha Spade Pro 2022
    €629.00 Regular Price €1,149.00
  45. 5020660175_1.jpg
    Duotone Voke SLS 2022
    €689.95 Regular Price €1,149.00
  46. 5020660180_1.jpg
    Duotone Whip D/LAB 2022
    €779.95 Regular Price €1,299.00
  47. 5020660143_1.jpg
    Duotone Voke SLS 2021
    €769.00 Regular Price €1,099.00
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