Directional kiteboards

Buying guide of a directional kiteboard

Directional kiteboards are becoming increasingly popular. In the waves, the ratio between twin tip and directional kiteboards is now 50/50, and that will only increase in favor of the directional kiteboards. The feeling while kiting with a directional kiteboard or wave kiteboard is in no way comparable to all other kiteboards. The dynamic feeling under your feet of the wave in combination with the kite above gives you crazy freedom. The main disadvantage is of course that very high jumps are not in it, but of course you get a lot in return. Kite surfers kiting a wave kiteboard are generally convinced and want nothing else.

Types of directional kiteboards

At Telstar Surf you can buy directional kiteboards from brands such as: Airush, Brunotti, Cabrinha, Duotone, F-One, Naish and North. These boards vary between Freeride and Freestyle and whether they are suitable for large or small waves in particular.

Freeride directional kiteboards are boards that get into planing easily and provide a lot of stability. That offers a lot of confidence and with that in mind we can say that these boards are extremely suitable kiters who are looking for their first directional kiteboard.

Freestyle directional kiteboards offer something more pop than the freeride boards. This makes it easier to jump with a freestyle directional kiteboard. In addition, these kiteboards run more easily, which makes the freestyle kiteboards ideal for most crazy tricks.

Directional kiteboards for medium waves are very manoeuvrable and easily reach speed. This makes these kiteboards particularly suitable for beginners to advanced to kiting on small to medium waves.

Directional kiteboards for high waves offer a little more drive and control. These are both characteristics that are essential when driving the highest waves. You need less speed because the wave itself already takes care of this.

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