Windsurf masts

Windsurf masts

Buying the right windsurf mast

Without the right surfmast you never get the most efficiency out of your sail. The carbon percentage, rigidity and curve of the mast are extremely important.

In the Telstar Surfshop the staff can explain everything about the choice of the right surfmast.

You can also buy a surfmast online. Therefore, we have provided extensive information on how you can make the best choice out of a large range of windsurfmasts.

What is the right mast?

Many windsurfers struggle with this question. To answer this, first we have listed a number of facts about surfmasts.


Many windsurfers think that a higher carbon percentage ensures a more rigid mast. This is not the case. A higher carbon percentage in the mast causes the following:

  1. A higher percentage gives a higher dynamic on the mast. The advantage of this is that your sail performance increases. Control, going upwind, speed and planing are the postitive outcomes.
  2. It reduces the weight of the mast. A lighter surfmast ensures better handling and ultimately for a more dynamic feeling.


Per length the surfmasts have varying rigidity. A longer mast is more rigid because it has to hold the profile of the sail over a greater length. Most masts have the following relationshipin length/rigidity.

340cm-13 IMCS

370cm-16 IMCS

400cm-19 IMCS

430cm-21 IMCS

460cm-25 IMCS

490cm-29 IMCS

520cm-32 IMCS

550cm-35 IMCS


In general there are three different bending curvesin surfmasts. The different types of masts are the constant curve, flextop and hardtop masts. Each sail maker develops their surfsails on their own masts, therefore on their own bending curve. At the Telstar surfshop we will always advise to combine as much as possible the sail brand with the advised mast from that brand.

Sometimes the price of the matching mast is an issue for surfers. The solution to this is an alternative Unifiber mast that is a more than reasonable product. The brand Unifiber has an assortment of affordable masts that are (almost) comparable to the leading mast brands. At the bottom of the page you can download a PDF with a summary of all sail brands with corresponding bending curves. By using the summary you can easily make a choice on an alternative mast.

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