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Wingsurf sets

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Are you looking for a complete wingsurfing set? A wingsurf set for the beginner or experienced wingsurfer? Then you're always at the right place at Telstar Surf! We have a large collection of wingfoil sets so you can go on the water for a good price. In the text below we tell you more about the different parts of our wingsurf sets

Wingsurfing set

To be able to wingsurf you need several parts. The wingfoil set is of course completely equipped with all necessities, so you can go on the water right away. The wingsurf set consists of the following parts, which are explained further below: 

Wingsurf boards in a complete wingsurf set

Before you can go on the water you need a wingsurf board, this can't be missing in your new wingsurf set. Wingsurf boards are carried out in different volumes, or liters. A board with more volume will sink less easily and will feel more stable. A board with less liters is usually more playful but also more unstable. Our wingsurf sets are usually equipped with an all-round wingfoil board. The amount of liters can be determined by yourself. This allows the beginner as well as the advanced wingfoiler to use this board in the complete wingfoil set. Do you doubt about which number of liters you need in your wingsurf set? Feel free to ask one of our employees for advice. They can help you make a choice so you can go on the water with a suitable wingsurfing set. 

Which wing comes with a wingsurf set?

Of course your wingfoil set would not be complete without a wing. Wings are supplied in different sizes. Which size you need depends on the wind, your experience and your weight. For an average adult, a wingsurfing wing around 5m2 is often a good size to start with. 

Which foil in a wingsurfing set?

In our complete wingsurfing sets, an all-round foil is included. These foils provide enough confidence for the starting wingfoilers and offer enough challenge for the more experienced wingsurfers. In short, these are perfect foils which you can grow on. 

What does a wingfoil set cost?

The cost of a wingfoil set obviously depends on the products that are in the wingfoil set. We can say that a wingsurf set is often a cheaper option than buying all the wingsurf parts separately. The difference can run into hundreds of dollars! So do you want to go on the water with your new gear for a reasonable price? Then take a look at the wingfoil sets from Telstar Surf!

Advice on buying a wingfoil set

Are you convinced after reading this text that winging is your new sport! Come visit us in our store or look around on our website at our affordable wingfoil sets. Not quite sure which foil set you need for wingsurfing? No problem at all! Our staff is ready and willing to help you out so you can get on the water with your new wingfoil set! 

14 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Rockets ASC & Navigator
    F-One Rockets ASC & Navigator

    €1,549.00 €2,448.00

  2. Nova V3 & Seek
    North Nova V3 & Seek

    €2,799.00 €3,199.00

  3. WB Lite Tech & Tracer V1
    Starboard WB Lite Tech & Tracer V1
    €1,349.00 €2,448.00
  4. Pocket Air & Cross wing
    Gaastra Pocket Air & Cross wing

    €2,179.00 €3,297.00

  5. Pocket Air & Navigator
    Tabou Pocket Air & Navigator
    €1,649.00 €2,488.00
  6. Rocket Wing ASC & Gravity Carbon
    F-One Rocket Wing ASC & Gravity Carbon

    €1,849.00 €2,953.00

  7. Rocket ASC & Phantom FCT
    F-One Rocket ASC & Phantom FCT
    €1,899.00 €2,358.00
  8. iFoil & Navigator
    STX iFoil & Navigator
    €1,349.00 €2,088.00
  9. Pocket Air & Gravity Carbon
    Tabou Pocket Air & Gravity Carbon
    €1,949.00 €3,038.00
  10. Strike V2 & Rocket Air
    F-One Strike V2 & Rocket Air

    €2,479.00 €2,950.00

  11. Hover GS & MK4
    Naish Hover GS & MK4

    €1,809.00 €3,967.00

  12. Sky Air Premium & Slick
    Duotone Sky Air Premium & Slick

    €2,324.99 €3,335.80

  13. Slicks SLS & Silverboom
    Duotone Slicks SLS & Silverboom

    €718.79 €1,057.00

  14. Seek & Sonar & Nova
    North Seek & Sonar & Nova

    €2,599.00 €3,639.00

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