Wave boards


Do you get exited when you see the perfect swell? Do you immediately want to set up your windsurf gear, run into the water and grab the perfect wave? Then take a look at the waveboards that Telstar Surf has to offer. There are many different brands and models that may be suitable for you!

For waveboards you can go to Telstar Surf because there is a large collection available for you! To find the right waveboard for you, we explain the differences below so that you can make the best choice for purchasing a waveboard. In general, we distinguish two types of waveboards. The quad waveboards and the single truster waveboards. The choice of waveboard type depends on your sailing style. Read the differences between these waveboards below. The Telstar Surf board collection consists of the biggest brands, such as: Fanatic, JP Australia, Tabou, Severne and Naish.


A freewave board is a combination between a wave and freestyle board. A freewave board has a special shape in order for you to easily go freestyling and wavesurfing. This make it the perfect board for freestyle and wave windsurfer!


You can ride a Quad waveboard in a skate-like style. The board has four (quad) fins which help you becoming a diehard waver. The four fins ensure that you have a good grip on the waves. You also need a different type of windsurf sail on this board. On a Quad waveboard you use sails with the pressure point to the rear and the top. The quad vin waveboards have a more radical image than the singletrusters, which is not necessarily the case. The scoop rocker line, rail and outline have a lot more influence on the final maneuverability. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a Quad waveboard.


Single Truster wave boards are sailed more over the mast and front feet. The Single Truster wave board is often sailed with three fins. Also for the single Trusters you have to adjust your sail choices. The pressure point of these sails is very close to the mast. You can sail a Singe Truster waveboard in many fin-setups, so you can adjust the board to your own preferences.


  • Waveboards need less volume because they make it easier to sail on the waves
  • Most waveboards have 3 foot bands instead of 4
  • Waveboards are often narrow and have a circular rail so that they turn more easily on the waves

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