Freerace boards

Freerace boards

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Freerace windsurf boards are fast boards that are close to the speeds of slalom boards but more comfortable to use. Within the assortment of Telstar Surf we have a large number of freerace windsurfboards from different top brands like Starboard, Fanatic and JP Australia. These brands are known for their quality and good performance.

Specifications Freerace windsurfboard

Every freerace windsurfboard has its own specifications, below we explain how they differ from other windsurfboards:

  • A special rocker line makes sure that the freerace boards are very fast.
  • The comfort in use is very high on freerace boards which makes them more accessible.
  • When you sail in different circumstances, for example with chop, a freerace windsurfboard is easy to control.

Tip: Do you want more comfort while windsurfing on these speedsters? Then it's nice to put the footstraps more to the inside. Are you ready for higher speeds and do you want to get more technical? Then place your footstraps more to the outside.

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  1. 113646_1.jpg
    JP Australia Super Sport LXT '23
    JP Australia
  2. 113124_1.jpg
    Fanatic Jag LTD 2023
  3. 111801_1.jpg
    Starboard Futura Wood '23
  4. 111800_1.jpg
    Starboard Futura Carbon '23
  5. 111126_1.jpg
    AV-BOARDS Nuvolari
  6. 110920_1.jpg
    Tabou Rocket Plus LTD
    €1,549.00 Regular Price €2,099.00
  7. 4000440070_1.jpg
    Starboard Futura Wood Sandwich
    €1,839.00 Regular Price €2,299.00
  8. 4000440071_1.jpg
    Starboard Futura Carbon Sandw
    €2,149.00 Regular Price €2,499.00
  9. 4000440067_1.jpg
    Fanatic Jag LTD
    €1,799.00 Regular Price €2,299.00
  10. 106041_1.jpg
    Tabou Rocket Plus MTE 2021
    €1,099.00 Regular Price €1,599.00
  11. 4000440062_1.jpg
    Goya Bolt Pro
  12. 4000440059_1.jpg
    Fanatic Jag LTD
    €1,549.00 Regular Price €2,199.00
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