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    Severne Sails Fox V2
    Severne Sails
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    Tabou Rocket Plus MTE 2021
    €1,349.00 Regular Price €1,599.00
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    Tabou Rocket Plus Team 2021
    €1,999.00 Regular Price €2,399.00
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    Goya Bolt Pro
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    Starboard Futura Wood Sandw.
  6. 4000440059_1.jpg
    Fanatic Jag LTD

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Freerace boards are boards that are on the edge of race boards like the slalom boards and yet still have comfort. The boards are generally a lot cheaper and easy to use, in addition, if you fall your board is not immediately broken. The option to adjust foot straps allows you to choice for extra comfort, you do this by putting the foot straps more inside. For faster speed you will have to put the foot straps outside.

A large number of freerace boards are available in the store and in the online webshop. The freerace boards in the Telstar Surf collection, are the best brands on the market. We offer brands like: Starboard, Fanatic, Tabou, and JP Australia. These brands are known for the good quality and performance.


Freerace boards have their own specifications, so we explain below what makes the freerace boards unique from all other windsurf boards.

  • A special rocker line ensures that the freerace boards are very fast
  • The comfort with freerace boards is very high, so you can sail comfortably
  • If you sail in chop the freerace boards are easy to check

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