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Buying guide of a windsup board

Windsurfing is a new popular trend in windsurfing. For those who want to go windsurfing and supping but do not want to purchase two different boards, a WindSup board is the ideal option!

A windSUP is an inflatable board or hard board that you can use for SUPping and windsurfing. There is a mast foot insert on the board, so you can put a sail on the board. There are windSUP boards with an extra vinbox and windSUP boards where you can even place a sword.

Different windsup boards

Because there are different WindSUP boards, we will explain briefly what the differences are so that you can make the best choice between the different board types.

Inflate able windsup

An inflatable WindSup, as the name suggests, can be inflated. This makes the SUP compact and light so that you can take it anywhere! Ideal for storage and travel. Thanks to the new techniques, the SUP can be pumped up to 12 PSI. Another additional advantage of an inflatable SUP is that it will not break easily if you hit it on the sides or if you release your sail of it. An inflatable WindSUP is more child-friendly and prone to damage compared to a hard WindSUP.

With the inflatable WindSUPs you can do great windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling but the boards will never deliver 100% identical performance as a hard WindSUP.

Hardboard windsup

A hardboard WindSup is made out of epoxy or carbon, which are strong material types. The strong material ensures that the WindSUP naturally retains its shape better than an inflatable WindSUP. This makes the performance of a hardboard better than that of an inflatable WindSUP. So if you really want a board with performance, look at a hardboard! However, the disadvantage of a hardboard is that it is large, heavy and vulnerable. This makes a hardboard less easy to transport compared to an inflatable WindSUP.


WindSups have their own characteristics, which we explain below.

  • WindSUPs can be used to both SUPping and windsurfing
  • The inflatable WindSups are very compact in size, making it easy to handle
  • The epoxy WindSUPs are very strong which means that they will not break as quickly

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