Kitesurf boots

Kitesurf boots

Buying guide for kitesurf boots

More and more kite surfers venture on kite surfing boats / wakeboard boats. In the PKRA you see the world toppers more and more on the boots and on your homespot you will undoubtedly encounter the kiteboard boots more and more. At Telstar Surf we have wakeboard boots from Hyperlite and Ronix, among others.

But the normal kitestraps are fine, right? Hell yes! But in the conventional kite foot straps you are not stuck. They give so much more support and you will never just jump out. This ensures that you can kite harder. Even with more wind, hooking is still comfortable for a long time. So you can perform the wakestyle tricks with more power. Not only do the wakeboard boots give a lot of support, the damping is also very good. Hard landings are therefore easier to handle. And because you are stuck you have a lot of control. For these reasons, wakestyle kite surfers believe they are kiting with more style and power.

Kitesurf boots for freestyle

  • To begin with, it only makes sense if you can wakestyle kitesurf at a high level with many unhooked tricks.

  • You are 100% stuck in the wakeboard bindings, which can cause you trouble in the event of a crash.

  • Crashes often come harder. The kite often stays in the power zone.

  • Your kitesurf board must be able to withstand it. If your kiteboard is not built for the use of kiteboots, you may pull out the inserts.

  • The kite surfing boot is harder to strap on

Kite surfing with boots is therefore especially suitable for kite surfers who perform a lot of freestyle power moves: handle passes with the kite layer. Even if you sail a lot unhooked, jump raileys, then wakeboard boots are your next challenge. If you prefer high kite jumps and hard kiteloops, then boots are not recommended: crashes will arrive very hard.

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