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Are you looking for kite boots? More and more kiters are venturing into kiteboarding. In the PKRA, you see the world top athletes sailing more and more on kite boots, but also on your homespot you see the kiteboard boots undoubtedly more often. Are you curious about the advantages and if the boots might be something for you? Then read on!

The advantage of kite boots

The normal kite bindings are fine, right? Yes, they are! So why would I want to switch to kitesurfing boots? The biggest difference between kitesurf straps or pads where the feet are not attached, kitesurf boots are. In both cases, there are pros and cons to why you should or shouldn't sail these. Which model is suitable for you? 

Kiteboarding with boots is especially suitable for kitesurfers who do a lot of wakestyle and freestyle tricks: unhooked kite tricks. With the kiteboarding boots you are attached to your board, so you will experience more feeling with your kiteboard. Because you're attached to the boots, you have the possibility to push off harder and generate more pop. Also with more wind, the boots ensure that you have more control, making unhooked tricks easier. Not only do the kite boots give a lot of support, the cushioning is also very good. Hard landings are therefore easier to absorb. And because you're strapped in, you have a lot of control. Wakestyle kiters, for these reasons, consider that they kite with more style and power. Keep in mind the possible disadvantages of kiteboard boots. Because you are attached to the kite boots you will crash harder on the water. Which makes for quicker injuries. 

Be aware that there will be a lot of force on the inserts of your board. These can tear if too much force is applied. Also, the board should not be too flexible, so check whether your board is suitable for sailing with boots. 

Advantages and disadvantages of kitesurf boots

The kitesurfing boots offer several advantages, but they can also work against you. Below you can read more about this.

  • Use kitesurf boots if you want to wakestyle kitesurf at a high level with a lot of unhooked tricks.
  • Kitesurf boots can be used for big air!
  • Kite boots provide extra pop.
  • Kitesurf boots give you extra control so you can go faster.
  • With kitesurf boots, wearing a body is a thing of the past.
  • With a kite boat, crashes are harder.
  • The kite surfing boat is more difficult to put on in combination with controlling your kite.

Advice on the purchase of kitesurf boots

Do you have questions before you switch to kitesurfing with boots? Or would you like some extra information? Come along in our kitesurf shop or contact us!


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    Ronix Parks
  2. 114382_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Distortion System Boot
    €279.99 Regular Price €349.99
  3. 114388_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Defacto Boot
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  4. 114392_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Aries Ladies System Boot
  5. 114373_1.jpg
    Ronix Diplomat EXP Boot
  6. 110912_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Team X Boot
    €279.99 Regular Price €369.99
  7. 108805_1.jpg
    Ronix One Boot
  8. 108807_1.jpg
    Ronix Supreme BOA
  9. 5073110101_1.jpg
    North Fix Boots
    €189.00 Regular Price €399.00
  10. 6011110102_1.jpg
    O'brien Gtx
    €229.99 Regular Price €389.99
  11. 5073110075_1.jpg
    Duotone Duotone Boot
  12. 6011110062_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Riot Boot
    €249.99 Regular Price €459.99
  13. 5073110068_1.jpg
    Mystic Mystic Vice Boot
    €335.00 Regular Price €449.99
  14. One Carbitex Boot
    Ronix One Carbitex Boot
  15. 117303_1.jpg
    Ronix RXT Boot
  16. 117302_1.jpg
    Ronix RXT BOA Boot
  17. 114381_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Freepress System Boot
  18. 114385_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Riot Boot
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  19. 114386_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Ultra Boot
    €379.99 Regular Price €469.99
  20. 114387_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Codyak Boot
    €399.99 Regular Price €499.99
  21. 114389_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Team Boot X
  22. 114372_1.jpg
    Ronix RXT BOA Boot
    €519.99 Regular Price €649.99
  23. 110908_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Ultra Boot
    €299.99 Regular Price €449.99
  24. 110909_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Capital Boot
    €399.95 Regular Price €499.99
  25. 110910_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Codyak Boot
    €329.00 Regular Price €469.99
  26. 110911_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Defacto Boot
    €374.95 Regular Price €469.99
  27. 108804_1.jpg
    Ronix One Carbitex Boot
    €519.99 Regular Price €649.99
  28. 108806_1.jpg
    Ronix RXT Red Bull Ed.
    €419.00 Regular Price €599.99
  29. 108808_1.jpg
    Ronix Kinetik Project EXP
  30. 108809_1.jpg
    Ronix Atmos EXP
    €439.99 Regular Price €549.99
  31. 108814_1.jpg
    Ronix Ladies Rise
    €419.99 Regular Price €529.99
  32. 5073110067_1.jpg
    Cabrinha H3 Boot
  33. Atmos EXP Park Edition Boot
    Ronix Atmos EXP Park Edition Boot
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