Protection & repair

Protection & repair

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It can happen to anyone that your windsurfing equipment breaks down. This can happen unfortunatly because of a fall or a hard crash. To make sure your windsurfing equipment doesn't break down right away prevention is always better than cure. There are enough windsurfing protection & repair materials available to make sure your windsurfing equipment is not broken. In case it happens that something breaks during a crash, then it can always be repaired. To repair these surfing materials we use certain epoxy- quickrepair sets or monofilm with which you can easily repair your windsurfboard or windsurf sail.

Windsurfing protection

To prevent that you get damage to your windsurf board or sail there are nowadays a lot of windsurf protection & repair materials on the market to protect your windsurfing material. Protecting is better then curing. The current windsurf boards have a different construction than in the past. Nowadays most windsurf boards are made of a combination of carbon/glass fibre and epoxy. Because of this the windsurfboards are faster and lighter. In most cases this is at the cost of the board's strength. A good blow on the nose of your board, for example when the windsurf boom or mast falls on the front of your windsurf board, can cause damage to the front of the board. Prevent this damage by buying protection, think of a surfboard protector or a protection over your mast or boom. There are also several noseprotectors on the market that protect the front of your windsurf board for the worst damages.

Repair windsurfing equipment

In case of damage to your windsurfboard or windsurf sail you can decide to let it be repaired professionally or you can choose to fix it yourself. For the self repair of a windsurf, for both windsurf board repair and windsurf sail repair, we have a lot of accessories to solve the problem.

Windsurfboard repair material

Among the repair materials are: epoxy, PU foam, Puka Patch, glue, anti-slip lacquer, neoprene glue, footpad sheets and kite repair tape. It is important that you know what you are doing when you make the choice to repair your own windsurfing equipment. For a windsurfboard repair you need to know quite a bit about the repair material you are going to work with. To be able to use this well you need to know how your board is built up and from which material your board is made. For example, do you have a board made of glass fibre or carbon? Then you have to take this into account when repairing the board. Do you have doubts about repairing your windsurfboard? It's also possible to let your windsurfboard be repaired professionally by Telstar Surf.

Windsurf sail repair material

Do you like to go on the water with strong winds to go windsurfing? It's always a pleasure to be on the water with these winds. However it can happen that you are practicing new tricks or you are riding the waves and suddenly you get a catapult or a hard crash. You try everything to avoid ending up in your windsurf sail. But once you have recovered from the crash you see that there is a tear in your windsurfing sail. Of course that is a bummer but luckily there are all kinds of solutions to repair it.

With a windsurf sail repair most small damages are easy to fix by yourself. You can buy monofilm tape for the most small sail repairs and stick it on the damage. For a bigger windsurfing sail repair you better bring your sail to a sailmaker. He can for example replace a window in your sail so that nothing more can be seen of it.

For more information about the protection and repair stuff you can always contact us or come by at Telstar Surf!

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    Ding all Polyester repair kit
  2. 100513_1.jpg
    Ding all Super EPX repair kit
  3. 104893_1.jpg
    Lankhorst Combi Epoxy spuit
  4. 4091110014_1.jpg
    Lankhorst Dacron tape
  5. 4091100030_1.jpg
    Suncure Epoxy Fibrefill
  6. 4091100019_1.jpg
    Prolimit Iron Mend Neo repair
  7. 4091100020_1.jpg
    Prolimit McNett Epoxy repair
  8. 4091100022_1.jpg
    Prolimit Anti-slip lak
  9. 4091100016_1.jpg
    Prolimit ABS / Epoxy plamuur
  10. 4091100017_1.jpg
    Prolimit Combi EPX spuit
  11. 4091110020_1.jpg
    Duotone Selfsticky Valve
  12. 4091100028_1.jpg
    Ding all Epoxy stick
  13. 4091100018_1.jpg
    Prolimit Neopreen Glue black
  14. 4091100013_1.jpg
    Lankhorst Mylartape 50mmx3mtr
  15. 4091100014_1.jpg
    Lankhorst Mylartape 150mmx3mtr
  16. 4091100026_1.jpg
    Ding all Standard EPX kit
  17. 4091110016_1.jpg
    Lankhorst Epoxy hars 300 gr.
  18. 4091110017_1.jpg
    Lankhorst PU schuim 2 comp.
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