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Freeride boards are true all-rounders. If you are looking for a comfortable and fast board without windsurfing a certain discipline, then freeride windsurfing board might be for you! Freeride boards can be used by beginners and advanced windsurfers who want to make the first advanced moves or hit them hard. These boards combine speed, maneuverability and comfort in one. An additional feature of the freeride boards is also the wide wind range in which they can be used. At an average weight and average wind speed, a 135 - 145 liter is an average starting size. If your weight deviates, or specifically wants to sail with certain wind speeds, then it is possible that this size deviates.

Apart from the fanatic enthusiast, freeride surfboards are also very suitable for those who want to pick up surfing again, because the boards are relatively easy to handle.

Widebody freeride boards

Nowadays all famous surf brands have widebody freeride boards. This type of board is considerably wider than a normal freeride board, making them very easy to plan. The boards are also flatter compared to a normal freerider. Due to the width and the planing capacity, you can use these boards with a lower volume than a normal surfboard. The width provides the required floatability relative to normal freeriders who can use around 8 liters less.

Well-known examples of widebody's: Fanatic Gecko - JP Magic Ride - Tabou Rocket Wide - Starboard Atom

Warning! heavier windsurfers (> 95 kg) must ask themselves if these boards are suitable for them due to the lower volume.


  • Extra scope rocker - maneuverability, jumping, choppy conditions
  • Many positions for the foot straps - inwards for comfort, outwards for control
  • Round rails - easy jib and sailing comfort
  • V-bottom - in many cases they use this for convenience and comfort
  • Smaller tail - easy jib and the fins can be shorter compared to slalom boards
  • Powerbox - fixing the fin with one screw is easier

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