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Are you looking for a bodyboard, but don't know exactly what a bodyboard is and what its purpose is? Then read on below for more information and find out everything you need to know about your bodyboard! A bodyboard is a great first step to discovering the feeling of wave surfing. Dive into the water with your bodyboard and get carried away by the waves! Telstar Surf sells one of the best brands in their range, namely Wave Rebel.

What do you use a bodyboard for?

You use a bodyboard by laying down your body on the bodyboard and then the trick is to go with the wave at the right moment. You will notice that it is difficult to lie down in front of the wave at exactly the right moment. The more you practise this and lie down at the perfect moment for the wave, the easier it will be for you.

Many wave surfers use a bodyboard to get a good estimate of the waves. Compared to wave surfing, bodyboarding requires less high waves. Besides, it is also much easier than wave surfing. Because of this, everyone, from young to old, can have a lot of fun in the waves. On the coast of the Netherlands, there are regular waves, so you can get on the water with your bodyboard soon!

What should I look for when buying a bodyboard?

When buying a bodyboard, it is very important that you pay attention to a number of things such as the size of the board, the bottom and the tail. By buying your ideal bodyboard, you will notice that you are more easily pushed forward by the waves. Below, we explain what to look out for in each category.

Bodyboard size

Your height plays an important role when buying a bodyboard, because the size of the board depends on your height. In the table below you can find out which size is suitable for you:

Body length: Size bodyboard:
1.20 m 30’ / XS
1.45 m 34’ / S
1.65 m 38’ / M
1.85 m 42’ / L
> 1.85 m 45’ / XL

The deck of a bodyboard

The deck is the top part of a bodyboard on which you rest your body. When buying a bodyboard, the deck is a matter of preference and style of surfing. There are three different decks: PE (polyethylene), XPE (cross-linked, cross cell) and IXPE (cross-linked, open cell).

  • PE (polyethylene): A soft and flexible board bottom. This bodyboard does not return to its original shape and is therefore more susceptible to dents. This bodyboard is ideal for beginners!
  • XPE (cross-linked, cross cell): An XPE deck feels harder than a PE and IXPE deck. This deck is also water resistant, because of its closed structure.
  • IXPE (cross-linked, open cell): This deck has a softer feel than an XPE deck. It is also a very solid construction because of its high density.

Tail of the bodyboard

When buying a bodyboard, there are two different kinds of tails to look out for, namely the crescent tail and the bat tail. Below is clearly explained for whom which tail is most suitable.

  • The crescent tail is ideal for people who want to surf in all-round conditions. The crescent tail contains a lot of grip and is easier for surfers to position their hips on the bodyboard.
  • The bat tail is ideal for people who want to surf in milder surf conditions or for unpredictable waves because of its increasing buoyancy. With a bat tail you will experience that with more speed also extra buoyancy is created. Because of this, you will experience a looser feeling at the back of the bodyboard. The bat tail is also the right choice for heavier riders.

Advice on buying a bodyboard

Are you still in doubt about which bodyboard is right for you after reading the information? Don't hesitate and ask us for help! Drop by our surfshop or contact us by phone or send us an e-mail.

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