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Are you looking for a bodyboard? But don't know exactly what a bodyboard is and what you can do with it? Find out everything about your bodyboard here! A bodyboard is a great first step to discovering the feeling of wave surfing. Dive into the waves with a bodyboard and get carried away by the waves! Telstar Surf sells one of the best brands within the range, namely Wave Rebel.

The purpose of a bodyboard

The purpose of a bodyboard is to put your body around the bodyboard and then lie down in front of the wave at the right time. This makes you go with the waves and get pushed forward by the waves. You will notice that it is difficult to lie down at exactly the right moment in front of the wave with your bodyboard. As you practice this more often and lie down at the perfect moment for the wave, you will experience that you completely go with the waves. Ideal for the kids!

Many wave surfers use a bodyboard to get a good estimate of the waves. By using a bodyboard you need less high waves than with wave surfing. And it is much easier than wave surfing. This allows everyone from young to old to have fun in the waves. At the coast in the Netherlands there are regular waves, so you can soon go on the water with your bodyboard!

What should I look for when buying a bodyboard?

When buying a bodyboard, it is very important that you pay attention to a few things such as the board size, the board bottom, and the tail. By purchasing your ideal bodyboard, you will find that you are more easily pushed forward through the waves! Below, we explain what to look for in each category.

Bodyboard size

When buying a bodyboard, your height plays an important role because the board size depends on your height. To find out which bodyboard you need you need to measure the following two points:

  1. The distance from the ground to your navel.
  2. The distance between your chin and your knees.

These two numbers that come out are often not the same, but are roughly close. Taking an average will give you a good idea of which board is right for you to purchase.

The deck of a bodyboard

The deck is the top part of a bodyboard that you rest your body on. When buying a bodyboard, the deck is a matter of preference and style of surfing. There are three different decks, namely: PE (polyethylene), XPE (cross-linked, cross cell) and IXPE (cross-linked, open cell). The table below clearly explains the difference.

PE (polyethyleen)

A soft and flexible board bottom. Dents in the board bottom form more easily because it does not mold back to its original shape.

XPE (cross-linked, cross cel)

A harder feel than PE and IXPE and has smooth appearance. Water resistant, due to its closed structure.

IXPE (cross-linked, open cel)

A softer feel than XPE, but has a rougher feel for better grip. Lots of strength because it has a higher density.

Tail of the bodyboard

When buying a bodyboard, there are two different types of tails to look out for, the crescent tail and the bat tail.

  • The crescent tail is ideal for people with all-around fitness. The crescent tail contains a lot of grip and is easier for surfers to position their hips on the bodyboard.
  • The bat tail is ideal for those with milder surfing conditions or for unpredictable waves due to increasing buoyancy. With a bat tail you will experience that with more speed also extra buoyancy is created, so it can offer a looser feeling at the back of the bodyboard. The bat tail is also the right choice for heavier riders.

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