Are you looking for a combination between wakeboarding and wave surfing? Then wakesurfing might be something for you! The boards are smaller than a surfboard and wider than a wakeboard, making the board very manoeuvrable. Wakesurfing is done behind a speedboat on the waves, just like with wave surfing. The boat must deliver high waves to be able to practice wakesurfing.


Do you have any questions about wakeboards or do you need advice when purchasing? Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. You are of course always welcome in our shop where you will receive expert advice while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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  1. Standaard Score Skimmer
    Hyperlite Standaard Score Skimmer
    €349.99 Regular Price €499.99
  2. 110818_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Broadcast
    €399.00 Regular Price €499.99
  3. 108785_1.jpg
    Ronix Trasher Marshmellow
    €439.00 Regular Price €549.99
  4. 114443_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Automatic Surfer
  5. 114445_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Buzz Surfer
  6. 114447_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Shim Surfer
  7. 114375_1.jpg
    Ronix Flyweight Pro Skimmer
  8. 114378_1.jpg
    Ronix Core Brightside
  9. 114379_1.jpg
    Ronix Fish Koal Classic Ladies
  10. 114380_1.jpg
    Ronix Flyweight Conductor
  11. 110809_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Hi-Fi
    €559.95 Regular Price €699.99
  12. 110811_1.jpg
    Hyperlite Satellite
    €574.95 Regular Price €719.99
  13. 108779_1.jpg
    Ronix Skimmer Flyweight
    €699.99 Regular Price €879.99
  14. 108791_1.jpg
    Ronix Ladies Skimmer
    €719.99 Regular Price €899.99
  15. 108793_1.jpg
    Ronix Ladies Sea Captain Koal
    €559.99 Regular Price €699.99
  16. 108794_1.jpg
    Ronix Kids Skimmer
    €639.99 Regular Price €799.99
  17. 108795_1.jpg
    Ronix Kids Skimmer Super Sonic
    €359.99 Regular Price €449.99
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