SDM masts

SDM masts

SDM stands for Standard Diameter Mast. These windsurf masts are the standard thickness you expect from a windsurf mast. The SDM mast is often lighter than an RDM mast, this is because the inner wall of an RDM mast is thicker and sturdier to prevent breakage. RDM masts are often used by wave and freestyle windsurfers because they make or receive hard blows from waves.

Use of the SDM masts

The SDM masts are often used in the slalom, racing and freeride disciplines. These disciplines do not require super strong masts because there are no hard blows on the water or waves crashing into you. An SDM mast is thick at the bottom and gets thinner upwards. This makes the SDM masts easy to use on larger sails. The SDM masts are available in different sizes, on all windsurf sails you can see which size mast you need for your sail. You can also look at the specification tables that are included with our windsurf sails of 2020+.

  • Advantages of SDM masts: of course an SDM mast has many properties that benefit during windsurfing. For example, an advantage of an SDM mast is that it is generally lighter in the same carbon percentage as an RDM mast. SDM is super easy to combine with freeride, slalom and racing sails.
  • Disadvantages of SDM masts: SDM masts also have a number of disadvantages compared to RDM masts, which are: RDM is a lot stronger than SDM due to the thick inner wall. The battens of your sail turn slightly easier on an RDM mast than with an SDM mast.

To help you on your way even more, we at Telstar Surf Tips have also created a mast science page with more information about buying the right mast. For more information or questions you can always E-mail or call Telstar Surf. Not to forget that you can always drop by at our shop!

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