SDM masts


SDM stands for Standard Diameter Mast. These windsurf masts are the standard thickness wich is 46 mm. The bottom of a SDM mast is thicker as the top of the masts wich makes it easier to use these masts on bigger windsurf sails. The thickness of the windsurf mast is thicker than the RDM version. The SDM mast is often lighter than the same RDM mast, this is because the inner wall of an RDM mast is thicker to prevent breaking.

Use of the SDM masts

The SDM masts are often used in the slalom, racing and freeride disciplines. These masts don’t need a really strong mast because you don’t bump into waves. The SDM masts are available in different sizes, the windsurf sails show which mast size you need for your sail. You can also find which size you need at our specification table on our website.

Advantages of SDM masts

SDM masts have a number of advantages over the RDM masts, namely:

- SDM is slightly lighter because there is no thick inner wall

- SDM is super navigable with freeride, slalom and racing sails


Disadvantages of SDM masts

SDM masts also have a number of disadvantages compared to RDM masts, namely:

- RDM is a lot stronger than SDM because of the thick inner wall

- The slats of your sail rotate slightly easily around an RDM mast than with an SDM mast

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