Buying guide for a powerkite

Powerkiting is a serious hobby for many. You see power kits on the beach, the heath and in meadows fighting the wind with their powerkite. You can make the power kit extra challenging with for example a buggy, mountain board, snowboard or skis!

Do you want to buy a good power kite? At Telstar Surf you will find mainly Peter Lynn and Cross Kites in the assortment. This kite brand has been a leader in quality and flight characteristics for years. In addition to the powerkite, Telstar Surf also has kite accessories and Kheo mountainboards.

Peter-Lynn powerkites

Peter Lynn has seen all kinds of kites with decades of flying experience. He has experienced the development from single-line kites to multi-line kites. In addition to his experience with the power kite, Peter Lynn has also been a pioneer in the development of kite applications, including buggies, mountain boards and snow kites.

The powerkite of Peter Lynn are known for the combination of flight characteristics, quality and price. In addition, the range of Peter Lynn consists of powerkite for both the starting power kite and the expert.

Kheo mountainboards

Kheo has a nice assortment of mountainboards. Mountainboards are also known as the so-called landboards. The Kheo mountainboards are robust and reliable. With a mountain board you add an extra dimension to power kiting. You can hit the beach or the lawns with the mountainboards. With a mountain board at your feet, a jump is of course super fat, so that the adrenaline can scream through your veins even harder.

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