Wakestyle kites

Wakestyle kites

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A not super well-known discipline within kiting is wakestyle kitesurfing. It is in fact the same as wakeboarding, but with a kite instead of a cable. There are different forms, so you have park riding (with obstacles) but also wakestyle (without obstacles). At Telstar Surf you will find a number of wakestyle kites. Check them out online or visit the store!

What is the difference between wakestyle and freestyle kitesurfing?

Everything about wakestyle is freestyle, but not everything about freestyle is also wakestyle. Sounds weird, it's true. Wakestyle kitesurfing originally stems from wakeboarding. By this we mean making unhooked tricks, with the kite low above the water (between 10 and 2 o'clock) which often goes hand in hand with wearing kitesurf boots. Attention is often paid to technique and attitude in wakestyle kitesurfing, while freestyle kitesurfing is more about volume; for example how many rotations can you make?

Another big difference is that wakestyle kiting sometimes also uses obstacles. We call this park kiteboarding.

Different wakestyle kite models

As a kitesurfer you prefer to sail the best material available, also as a wakestyle kiter. You will find the following models in the Telstar Surf range:

North Pulse - Naish Torch - Duotone Vegas - PLKB Raw

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