Shorty wetsuits

Buy Ladies Shorty

Are you looking for a wetsuit for the summer days? Time to put on your shorty! A shorty is made to keep you warm during summer days. In addition to the function that a ladies shorty always keeps you warm, it has several functions. For example, a women's shorty protects you not only against the cold, but also against UV radiation of the sun. A ladies shorty also protects against rubbing your  bare skin on the anti-slip on your board.

If you plan to spend many hours on the water in both winter and summer, a shorty alone will not suffice. In addition to using a shorty, you will also have to purchase a winter wetsuit.

Why a ladies shorty?

The design and model of every shorty is different. For example, the design of a men's shorty is different from that of a women's shorty. Not only the colors are different, but also the model. After all, women have a different physique than a man. That is why it is advisable to look at a women's shorty if you want it to fit well and retain its warmth.

Tips when buying a ladies shorty

When buying a women's shorty wetsuit, the size and comfort is the most important part to pay attention to. If you buy a ladies shorty that is too big, the functionality of it will decrease. You will lose the heat provided by the wetsuit which makes that wearing a shorty has little to no effect. However, putting on a ladies shorty that is too small is not nice either. You will experience that the shorty is too tight, leaving you little freedom of movement. That is why we recommend that you wear shorts that fit your body perfectly. You will enjoy your shorty in both comfort and warmth.

There are several women's shorty wetsuits with all kinds of zippers. Most shorties are made up of a back or front zip.
A women's shorty with a zipper at the back is also called a back-zip. Thanks to the back-zip you can get into your shorty in no time. A back zip is also the most common type of zipper because you can easily get in and out of your wetsuit. The opposite of a zipper on the back is also called the zipper on the front of your wetsuit, also called a front-zip. An advantage of the zipper at the front is that the connection of the ladies shorty is very tight, which results in less water that can enter the shorty. As a result, a women's shorty with a front zip is generally warmer.

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