Rashguards & neoprene

Buying guide of rashguard & neoprene shirts

Rashguard shirts

A common mistake is that you wear a lycra shirt under a wetsuit for extra warmth. Wrong. A lycra ensures that your wetsuit cools down. A lycra shirt under your wetsuit is at most more pleasant for the feeling. The lycra is actually intended as sun protection. Wave surfers often use a rash vest while paddling on their board. It prevents water irritation and bacteria in the water on the chest.

Neoprene shirts

You can use a neoprene shirt in two ways. It gives extra warmth under your wetsuit. In addition, you can also use it during a summer day for a little extra warmth. That way you can surf in your neoprene shirt instead of your complete wetsuit. This is often too hot.

What to look for when purchasing a lycra or neoprene T-shirt

Size: The wrong size T-Shirt can have a lot of influence on your performance on the water. A shirt that is too large or too small can be very annoying to the touch or even get in the way. That is why we recommend fitting the T-shirt or in the Telstar Surf shop or carefully at home to avoid unpleasant situations.

Heat: When buying a neoprene T-shirt, the heat will play a leading role in choosing. There are different thicknesses of neoprene shirts to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Do you go water sports in cool weather? Then choose a thicker neoprene T-Shirt. Are you going to sail with warmer weather? Then put on a slightly thinner neoprene T-Shirt for optimum experience.

Color: The color of your lycra or neoprene T-Shirt can also play a factor for some people. Different colors are available. From a lot to very dark, it's all at Telstar Surf!

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