Men's wetsuits

Buying guide for men's wetsuit

If you want to be 100% sure of the right choice, you cannot avoid fitting a wetsuit. This is of course easiest in the surf shop, but otherwise you can do it carefully at home. First of all, your wetsuit must fit tightly, but it must be comfortable. Comfortable means, among other things, that you have freedom of movement and that you can easily get in and out of the wetsuit. When buying a wetsuit you have to pay attention to a lot of things. We briefly describe the most important points.

You should pay attention to this when purchasing a wetsuit

1. Neoprene type: There is a difference in single and doublelined neoprene. The doublelined neoprene has a protective fabric on the outside of the wetsuit. This means that it has a longer lifespan compared to an lined neoprene. A disadvantage of doublelined neoprene is that the surf wetsuit is less warm.
2. Thickness of your surf suit: Men's wetsuits are for available from 3 to 6 mm. The correct thickness also depends on the temperature at which you want to windsurf or kitesurf. In addition, your physical structure naturally also plays a major role. You only use 3 mm wetsuits in the summer. A 5 mm is as a rule the most general wetsuit for the Dutch circumstances.
3. Seams: With wetsuits you must pay attention to the seams. The more affordable men's wetsuits have a seam that is fully stitched. This simple method of suffocation has the disadvantage that wind and water pass through the surf suit easily, making it feel more cold quickly. Some seams are also glued, so hardly any wind or water comes through, making the wetsuit feel warmer. A disadvantage of these suits is that the price is considerably higher.
4. Sleeves: Wind- and kitesurfers want wider sleeves in the surf suit, because the forearms set up while windsurfing. On the contrary, surfers want to have tight sleeves to prevent water inflow.
5. Waterblock: Many men's wetsuits nowadays have a waterblock. This is a continuous piece of neoprene that runs over the back to prevent water ingress.
6. Stretch: More expensive men's wetsuits have a better quality neoprene which benefits the movement.
7. Insulation: More expensive surf suits often have extra materials on the inside of the surf suit to improve insulation.

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