Windsurf booms

Buying a windsurf boom

Windsurf booms are indispensable when you want to get on the water. You not only hold your rig at the windsurf boom, but you also bring tension to the sail with it. Broadly speaking, there are two types of windsurf booms on the market: booms made of aluminum and carbon. Aluminum booms are more popular among the windsurfers who occasionally stand on the water and who sail for pleasure. Carbon booms are more popular among windsurfers who are more often on the water and want to get the most out of their windsurf gear. But what are the differences?

Buy an aluminum or carbon boom?

Whether you can best buy an aluminum or carbon boom depends mainly on your budget and the size of sail that you want to sail with it. Aluminum booms are cheaper and are therefore mainly sailed by the recreational surfer. They are quite light and especially strong booms that are for sale within a price range of €100-€300. The smaller the sail, the smaller the difference between an aluminum and carbon boom. Why?

Carbon booms differ from aluminum booms in particular in the rigidity of the material. A carbon boom has a greater rigidity due to the carbon fiber material from which the boom is made. This means that when you surf with a carbon boom, it yields less. The big advantage that a carbon boom brings with it is a faster reaction of the sail to movements, especially with sails of >7.0m². In addition, your rig feels a bit more solid, because there is no play on the boom when you surf, for example, with strong wind.

Although a carbon boom is very strong in its length, these booms are sensitive to point loading. Aluminum booms are certainly stronger in this regard. In addition, carbon booms are a good price for many surfers, with prices ranging between €300 and €1200.

With a somewhat smaller budget or when you mainly sail with small surf sails, an aluminum boom is more than fine. Do you have more to spend or do you really want to get everything from your set? Then you better consider a carbon boom.

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