Buying guide for a wetsuit

There is a wide range of wetsuits for windsurfers, kite surfers, wave surfers, sailors and wakeboarders. At Telstar Surf, wetsuits are available from all top brands, such as: O'Neill, ION, Mystic, NP, Prolimit and Brunotti.

What should you look out for when purchasing a wetsuit?

Neoprene type

There are two main types of neoprene that wetsuits are made of; single-lined and double-lined neoprene. The lining is a layer of fabric over the neoprene. If this is on the inside and outside, it is therefore double-lined. If the outside of your wetsuit consists of smooth rubber, it is single lined neoprene.

Single lined neoprene is warmer because the structure is dense. You do not suffer from cold wind chill. The advantage is that you stay warmer in your surf suit. The disadvantage is the higher vulnerability. This is a reason that wakeboarders, kite surfers, water skiers and sailors in particular opt for the stronger variant.

Front zip, back zip or freezip

Surfers often prefer frontzip wetsuits. This can be easily explained because of two reasons: water resistance and freedom of movement. However, these benefits are offset by the fact that a front zip surf suit is a bit more difficult to put on, especially when you're a little coarser. The freezip wetsuits are not the easiest to enter but feel extremely comfortable because its unlikely that water will enter this type of wetsuit. All in all, it remains a personal choice that is different for everyone. Only by fitting different types will you find out which wetsuit suits your body.

Size and fit

The most important thing with a wetsuit is that it fits well with your body, so that not too much water can enter and you stay warm. In addition to the heat, comfort is of course also important. A wet suit should not hinder you in your performance on the water! However, you must look for the right mix between comfort and tight fit. First take a good look at what size you need. For a good size indication; click here.

Other features of the wetsuits

  • More expensive wetsuits usually have a smoother neoprene. This increases wearing comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Flushings: some wetsuits have small holes on the pipes, for example. Water can flow out of your wetsuit through these holes. Kite surfers attach considerable value to this, because they also get a lot of water through the pipes.
  • Liquid seams: the function of this is very questionable. It is primarily an optical addition to your surf suit.
  • Lining: the more expensive wetsuits have a lining on the inside. With some surf suits this is limited to the chest and with some it is used throughout the surf suit.

For more information about the wetsuits you can always contact us or come by sometime!

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