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Looking for a good windsurf mast from RDM? With a wide range of RDM masts, you can be sure that there is one for you! Get advice in our (online) shop if you can't figure it out, after all, the mast is an important part of your windsurfing materials.

What is an RDM mast

RDM stands for Reduced Diameter Mast. The difference between RDM and SDM is mainly in the diameter. An RDM mast has a thinner diameter than an SDM mast. In addition, the wall thickness of an RDM mast is thicker. This makes the mast sturdier, but unfortunately also slightly heavier. The RDM masts are often used for freestyle and wave sails, where often hard hits are made on the water. With an RDM mast, the chance that the mast will break is much smaller.

Use of RDM masts

The RDM masts are often sailed in the freestyle and wave discipline. But freeriders can also use RDM masts, this differs per sail. Under most sails on our site you will find which size you need, if this is not visible you can always contact our shop or check the website of the supplier.
RDM masts have pluses and minuses compared to SDM masts, which you can see below:

  • Advantages of an RDM mast: RDM masts are much stronger and can therefore absorb harder blows. An RDM mast is also much easier to get into the luff.
  • Disadvantages of an RDM mast: RDM masts require a modified mast extender. RDM masts are specifically aimed at freestyle and wave windsurfing. The RDM masts are also somewhat heavier than SDM masts.

To help you on your way, we have written an article on “mast science” on our Telstar Surf tips page with more information about buying the right mast. If there are any uncertainties or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our shop!

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