RDM masts

RDM Masts

The word RDM stands for Reduced Diameter Mast. The RDM masts have the same size as the SDM, but they have a thicker inner wall. Due to the thicker inner wall, the RDM masts are easy to ride with wave, freestyle and freeride sails. Hard smashes onto the water or waves crashing into you can cause the mast to  be damaged, thats why RDM is a way better option than the SDM. Simply because SDM masts are not used by freestylers, wave and freeride windsurfers because these masts are not strong enough.

Use of RDM masts

The RDM masts are often used in the freestyle and wave disciplines. Freeriders can also use RDM masts, this depends only on which windsurf sail you have. RDM masts have a thicker inner wall which makes them very strong. The slats of your windsurf sail glide more easily over the RDM masts compared to the SDM masts so that fast rotations can be made. All RDM masts are available in different sizes, to prevent that you buy the wrong mast with your sail, you should always pay attention to the size chart on your sail. If you buy a sail at Telstar Surf wich is from 2019 and above, you can see the size tables for wich boom and mast should be used on that sail.

Advantages of RDM masts

The RDM masts have a couple of advantages over the SDM masts, namely:

- RDM masts are much stronger and can therefore handle harder hits than     the SDM masts

- The slats in your windsurf sail go easily over the RDM mast

- RDM masts are easier to slide into the luff than the SDM masts

Disadvantages of RDM masts

There are also a couple of disadvantages of the RDM masts compared to the SDM masts, namely:

- RDM masts need a special mast base

- RDM masts are specifically aimed at freestyle and wave windsurfing

- Because RDM masts have a thicker inner wall, they are slightly heavier than the SDM masts

If you have still some doubt about buying the right windsurf mast, you can always E-Mail or give us a call to get more information!

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