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Are you looking for surf shoes that feel as thin as your socks? Then take a look at our surf socks! Surf socks do not differ much from surf shoes. Only surf socks are made of flexible and thin material. When buying surf socks it is very important to try them on. It is important that they fit well and are comfortable for the most optimal warmth. The better the surf socks fit, the warmer your feet will stay on the water.  

What makes surf socks unique? 

Surf socks can be identified by a high shaft with a thinner sole compared to surf boots. Surf socks are available from 2 to 6 milimeter. The biggest advantage of surf socks is that you will experience more board feel compared to surf shoes/surf boots. In most cases, the surf sock is really designed for the kitesurfer. Because the kitesurfers are strapped into the straps, the surf sock may not contain a thick sole, which is the case with the windsurf shoes. 

Who are surf socks suitable for?

In principle everyone can use surf socks. However, our experience says that especially kitesurfers use the socks a lot. This is because the socks do not have a velcro strap. This makes your feet fit better in the pads/straps. Windsurfers, on the other hand, like the surfshoes better because of the thicker sole and support provided by the velcro strap.

Types of surf socks

Nowadays there are all kinds of different types of surf socks. For example, you have surf socks with or without a kevlar sole, split toe and in different thicknesses. Below we will explain what the differences are:

  • Split toe: surf socks with a split toe have a piece of rubber between your big toe and second toe. You can compare this with a flip flop. Some people like it, others don't. The biggest advantage of the split toe is that it gives you more board feel. The biggest advantage of the split toe is that you will experience more board feel.
  • Kevlar sole: surf socks with a kevlar sole are super strong. The kevlar sole ensures that sharp objects do not penetrate the sock as easily and that the sock does not wear out as quickly. This means you can use it for years!
  • Thicknesses: surf socks come in different thicknesses. The thickness in combination with the lining determines how warm your feet stay. So a thicker sock is not necessarily warmer than a thinner one and visa versa.

Advice on buying surf socks

Not quite coming to terms with choosing the right surf socks? Rest assured! Our staff at Telstar Surf is ready for you! Come along in our surfshop and ask one of our employees. 

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    Prolimit Fusion Boot Sock 3mm
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    Mystic Socks Neo Semi Dry
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    Neilpryde Recon Sock 3 mm
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    ION Ballistic Socks 3/2
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