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Are you looking for a windsurfing set for the beginner, re-entrant or already more experienced windsurfer? Then you're at the right address at Telstar! We have put together different windsurfing sets for the beginning and the returning windsurfer. These windsurfing sets are 100% ready to go, including all the necessary accessories. Our complete windsurfing sets are very sharp priced and will help you to make the first steps in windsurfing. Starting windsurfers often don't have a clear idea what material they need to get out on the water. For these people Telstar Surf has put together a wide range of windsurfing sets. In the text below we take you to the parts of our windsurfing sets.

Windsurf boards in a complete windsurf set

Our windsurf sets exist out of different parts so you can go on the water quickly. First of all you need of course a windsurfboard, it can't be missing in a complete windsurf set. Windsurfboards have different volumes, also called liters. The more volume a board has, the more stable it feels.

In our windsurf sets we mostly use freeride boards. A freeride windsurfboard is versatile and suitable for most windsurfers. These boards are ideal to practice with and you can grow on them. With a freeride board you can go straight up and down and learn to jibe well. A perfect board for a windsurf set. The average volume of freeride boards is 135 liters. This means that with an average weight you can sail in almost all wind conditions. The volume can vary, depending on your weight and with which wind conditions you mostly want to go on the water with your windsurf set. Do you have doubts about the amount of liters you need for your windsurfboard? Feel free to ask one of our employees for advice. They can help you to make the right choice so you can go on the water with a suitable windsurfing set.

Which sail in a windsurf set

Without a windsurfing sail a windsurfing set would not be complete. The size of the sail varies per windsurfer. As a rule, the higher the weight and level, the bigger the sail, exceptions aside. Windsurf sails for children in a windsurf set range between 1.5 and 3.5 square meters. For adults, the sizes in a windsurf set start about from 4.0 square meters. What size sail is in your windsurf set you can often choose yourself.

A windsurfing sail can't be used without a mast and a boom, unless you have an inflatable sail. Our windsurfing sets are complete and delivered with sail, mast, boom and accessories. 

Which windsurfing set to buy for a beginning windsurfer?

As a beginning windsurfer you want to learn how to windsurf. With a complete windsurfing set you are in no time on the water! When you choose a wide board with a lot of volume in your windsurf set it can help you to make your first meters quickly, because the board feels more stable. Often the windsurfboards in a complete windsurfing set are selected in such a way that they are interesting for beginners, re-entrants and advanced surfers. Finally, windsurfboards for beginners often can stand rough handling because of the use of HRS (High Resistance Skin) material. 

We advise starting windsurfers often a complete windsurf set with a smaller sail. These smaller sails catch less wind and are very light of weight. Also a smaller sail offers more stability. Therefore a smaller sail in a windsurf set is an ideal choice.

Which windsurfing set is suitable for a re-entrant? 

A windsurfing reentry has often not windsurfed for years. When after years the windsurfing blood starts to flow again, they fall from one surprise to another in the surf shop. This group of windsurfers usually pick up windsurfing again with the so called complete freeride windsurf sets. Accessible surfboards and sails with a wide range of use. At Telstar Surf you'll find a wide range of these complete windsurfing sets in different price ranges. 

What is included in a complete windsurfing set? 

At Telstar Surf, we make sure that a complete windsurfing set comes with all the materials you need to get out on the water. Because of this you can be sure that all the materials in the windsurfing set will fit together well. The materials from which our windsurf sets exist are:

  • Windsurfboard + fin 
  • Windsurf sail
  • Boom
  • Mast
  • Mast extender 
  • Baseplate
  • Drawstring

What does a windsurfing set cost? 

What the costs are of a windsurfing set depends on the products which are in the windsurfing set. It is true that the windsurfing set prices are often a lot cheaper then when you buy every part seperately. This difference can be in the hundreds of Euro's! Do you want to be cheap? Then take a look at the windsurf sets from Telstar Surf. 

Advice on buying a windsurf set

Do you think after reading this text: "a windsurfing set is the perfect choice for me! Then feel free to look around on our website at our affordable windsurfing sets. Are you still doubting which windsurf set you need? Feel free to contact our customer service or visit our surfshop. Our employees are ready for you and like to think with you so you can get on the water quickly with your new windsurfing set.

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