Brunotti Kitesurf and Windsurf

At the Telstar Surf shop you can buy the most beautiful products within our huge Brunotti range. We sell Brunotti kitesurf and windsurf items that are suitable for surfers of every level.

Brunotti surfgear

Brunotti is the brand that managed to penetrate the surf market, with the main objective of getting the ideal and best out of your windsurfing and kitesurfing session! Nothing is less important than good equipment for an ideal session. Brunotti, for example, has a varied collection for both wind surfers and kite surfers. Brunotti makes great lycra's, trapezes, impact vests, helmets, twin tip and directional boards, but also wetsuits and shortys.

Brunotti wetsuits

With the wetsuits and shorty, Brunotti ensures that they can provide the customer with optimum comfort while surfing. Amongst the "comfort" of Brunotti wetsuits, the quality, warmth and ease of wearing of a wetsuit are discussed. The suit must offer sufficient heat and above all be flexible. With the cool prints and designer wetsuits, Brunotti makes sure that the average kite and wind surfer looks great during his session on the water!

Brunotti harnesses

In addition to wetsuits and shorties, Brunotti also makes harnesses for the average windsurfer and kitesurfer. The surf brand develops harnesses that are made to provide perfect support to the body during a session. They ensure that the harness fits seamlessly with the body. The better the connection of a harness, the better the power of the kite or windsurf can be transferred to the body. All these elements together ensure that the Brunotti harness provides comfort while you are on the water!

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