GA Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Gaastra is known for the reliability of its products. Are you looking for a quality price brand, then look mainly at Gaastra. It is a brand that has been around for years in the windsurfing and kitesurfing world. Since 1980, Gaastra has participated within the summit on and beside the water. Together with the GA team they have taken the windsurfing level to a new level.

Gaastra windsurf

Gaastra has proven itself several times within the windsurfing world. Gaastra has brought many different sails to market. The different sails are in the discipline of the user. From wave, to feeride, slalom and freestyle, a sail is made for every person to get the most out of your windsurfing experience! The most famous and famous sails of Gaastra are the Pilot and the Matrix. Ideal freeride sails where Gaastra proves itself by bringing high quality mega good sails to market.

Gaastra windsurf masts

In addition to windsurfing sails, Gaastra also produces its mast line. Since recent years, Gaastra has also switched from hardtop masts to constant-curve masts. Not only the masts are different, but the sails have also been given a different shape. With masts, it is always important that the correct curve (hardtop, constant or flex top) is used with the correct type of sail. The ideal combination is when a Gaastra mast is put into a Gaastra sail. But it is also possible, for example, to use a constant curve mast from Unifiber. As long as the curves match. In addition to the curve of a mast, the carbon percentage is also considered. The more carbon a mast has, the better the performance of the sail comes out. The same also applies to the size of the sail and whether there are cambers in the sail. The larger the sail, the better mast (higher carbon percentage) the sail requires.

Gaastra windsurf boards

In addition to windsurfing, Gaastra also produces windsurf boards. These boards are marketed under a different name, called; Tabou. At Telstar Surf, the Tabou boards are well-known and widely sold. Want to know more about the Tabou boards? Click here!

Gaastra Kites

In addition to windsurfing, Gaastra has also started to mix within the kitesurf world. Here too the price-quality ratio at GA is at the top. The most famous models of the Gaastra series is the Gaastra Spark and the Gaastra Pure. Are you someone who is just starting out with a kite or someone who likes to sail back and forth and be able to jump, then look at the Gaastra Spark. Are you just starting to master jumping? And would you perhaps want to use your unhooked raley at a later stage? Then look at the Gaastra Pure. A nice fast all-round kite.

Gaastra Kitesurf boards

In addition to the kites that GA produces. Producing also include GA kitesurf boards. Gaastra has introduced novice but also advanced kite surfboards, so that every kiter can feel at home on the water.

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