With more than 27 years of experience in wakeboarding, Hyperlite has a trusted and high quality. Together with the team riders and supporters, Hyperlite has a wide range of wakeboards, bindings, wakesurf and vests that are for sale at Telstar Surf.

Hyperlite Wakeboards

Hyperlite makes both twin tip boards for behind the cable and for behind the boat. The big difference between the boards behind the boat and the cable is the shape and the bottom of the board. A cable car is often provided with obstacles. To be able to overcome the obstacles it is important that the wakeboard can be sailed without fins and have fewer deep channels. The bottom is also provided with a slider base. As a result, the underside of the board will wear less quickly and the obstacles cannot be broken. Wakeboards for behind the boat are often very stiff, have channels and you often sail with fins.

Hyperlite Wakesurf boards

Wake surfing is, in short, wave surfing like at sea. You use the stern wave that the boat produces. This allows you to surf endlessly behind the stern wave. The big advantage is that there is always a wave that you can sail on. The wakesurf boards are smaller than normal surfboards. This makes the boards faster and more agile.

Hyperlite bindings

Hyperlite has changed its boot system 7 seasons ago. That's how they introduced System Binding. This is similar to snowboard bindings. After a fall, simply click your shoes loose and no longer have to walk barefoot on the beach. It provides the ultimate freedom. However, it is all personal. One person prefers fixed shoes than the other.

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