Ion has not existed as a surf brand for so long. Ion is known for building and creating wetsuits, trapeze's and accessories for windsurfing and kite surfing. Since the time that Ion is active they strive for the highest possible quality of their released surf stuff. Ion was founded in 2004 by windsurfers and kite surfers who knew what was needed in the market. Ion surfing offers a wide selection of wind surfing and kite surfing trapezes that can be found in many kite shops.

The wetsuit assortment got off the ground a little later but offers excellent quality. The surf suits are optimally adapted for the passionate windsurfer or kite surfer. The surf brand Ion uses only high-end materials such as dual density foam, soft and flexible neoprene for the wetsuit line and 3D shapes in the trapeze range for optimum pressure distribution. You can visit our surf shop to fit a trapeze or wetsuit from Ion. Ordering online surf suits is also a very good option, because you can return to Telstar Surf for free.

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