MFC Windsurf

MFC was founded in 1986 and can always be seen on the top step when it comes to new designs and techniques. The fins that MFC makes are technically good in terms of quality and price. They have been sponsoring real windsurf toppers for years and request feedback to innovate the fins every year. At Telstar Surf the MFC fins are available in stores and online.

MFC Fins

The fins that MFC makes for windsurfing are very varied. They develop freeride fins for the people who get the kick to be able to surf the water as easily and as hard as possible. In addition, they also develop wave and freestyle fins. These fins are a lot smaller than freeride fins. The smaller the fin, the less lift the fin will generate. Although the freestyle and wave disciplines cannot be compared with that of freeride. MFC also makes fins for the slalom and racing fanatics. Here too MFC uses the many years of experience they have.

MFC foil

The new generation of foils should of course not be missing. Foiling has recently started to flourish and offers a host of new possibilities, also within the windsurfing world. You can enter the water almost without wind. Planing will already be possible with a button or 8 and is going very fast!

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