NEILPRYDE Windsurfing sails

NeilPryde started in 1970 with the production of sails for the boat industry. At the time, NeilPryde was one of the largest suppliers in the world with huge sailing customers.

In the mid-seventies, the sailing sport plummeted enormously, but NeilPryde was lucky that windsurfing was on the rise. It was only logical that producers from the sailing sport devoted themselves to windsurfing, because that started to grow to an enormous extent. Between 1977 and 1988, the windsurfing company had to deal with enormous highs and lows in windsurfing.

NeilPryde has been able to survive with a few other windsurfing brands. Partly by relocating production to Hong Kong, this fight proved to be crucial. In addition, NeilPryde has always had the drive to be a leader in the developments in windsurfing.

NeilPryde windsurfing gear

All NeilPryde windsurf gears have their origins on Maui. In the extreme circumstances of Maui, a test team is working daily on the development of the products. Every day the R&D team is able to change sails which can then be tested on the water the same day. In addition to the test team on Maui, Neilpryde has a very extensive team running in the PWA, so that extra information can be passed on to the designers of NeilPryde. Curious about other top brands? Then visit the Telstar Surf webshop, the surf and kite specialist and view the range of our other brands online.

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