North Kiteboarding

North Kiteboarding

North kiteboarding has been back. After a year, they are back again! They are back with a new company policy and completely new products, they are launching great products again this year. Looking for one of those products? Take a look at our webshop or visit TelstarSurf.

North Kites

North comes from all markets. From beginning to very advanced kiters. North produces kites that everyone can get away with and that everyone can agree with. From wave kites to freeride and big air, North has something for everyone. The most famous kites are the freeride kites. The kite that you can use as a beginner or advanced kiter. From an easy backroll, big boosting or doing an unhooked trick. It's all possible with the North all-round kites. Are you looking for a wave kite or rather a kite that you can hook up to? Then look at the North kiteboarding range.

North Kiteboards

In addition to kites, North has also developed kiteboards. The boards that North often makes are different from twintip or directional boards. The kite characteristics, quality and design is of high quality. You can see this on the water. This year too North kiteboarding has released multiple twintip-boards, from freeride, freestyle, all-round to wakestyle category. In addition not to mention the directional boards. For the all-rounder in the waves to the stapless freestyle king. North is at home on the water of all markets.

North Foils

Foiling is increasingly gaining ground within the kite surfing world. On quiet windy days, foiling gives an excellent opportunity to pop over the water. North therefore also has a wide range of foil and foilboards. With the different setups, they also ensure that you can sail nicely with just a few knots.

North Accessories

In addition to the North kites, boards and foils, North has also released accessories. Consider, for example, North pads and boots. These pads are released and designed to fit the foot precisely. Are you curious about the other North products? Take a look at the TelstarSurf webshop, or visit the store.

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