The Ozone brand comes from the paragliding world and therefore has a lot of experience with aerodynamics. This can be found in the kites of Ozone. In 2006 this brand released its first tube kites, including the Ozone Instinct. Ozone can be found in recent years mainly in courseracing. Johny Heineken is very successful with the Ozone Edge during courserace competitions. With the new 7m2 Ozone Edge, Eddy Lansink provides the necessary publicity during a storm with his towering kiteboard jumps.

In recent years Ozone has considerably expanded and improved the kite line. The Ozone C4 is a kite especially for freestyle kiteboarders. The ozone C4 is a C-shape hybrid kite with bridles. This ensures a fast response capacity of the kite with a lot of pop, while maintaining the depower range as much as possible. This gives freestyle kiteboarders confidence in learning new tricks. The Ozone Catalist is an open C-shape kite. This kite is more towards the freeride side. Kiteboarders looking for a kite with optimum stability and a large wind range are at the right place with the Ozone Catalist. The Ozone Reo is the favorite of the Norwegian Kari Schibevaag who surfs the most beautiful waves all over the world with her kite surfing set. Finally, there is the Ozone Zephyher for the days with little wind. This kite is kept as light as possible in weight in combination with the stiffest possible profile. This means that the kite barely falls out of the sky with little wind and still has a nice sporty feel. The Ozone Zephyher is the perfect kite for the kiteboarder who wants to have a lot of fun on the water with little wind.

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