Ronix is ​​one of the leading brands in the wakeboard scene. The Ronix wakeboards are all designed for maximum performance, where the shape and weight of the wakeboard play an important role.

The American wakeboard brand always looks just as cool as the other brands, and are always one step further in development. In addition to the Ronix wakeboards, there is also much attention for the boots.

Ronix wakeboard boots are extremely light and sit like a glove on your leg. This makes Ronix boots very direct, but also feels comfortable. The wakeboard boots are characterized by a perfect fit and cushioning.

In addition to the wakeboards and boots, the wakeboard brand naturally brings more items into the range. The entire wakeboard collection is made by and for wakeboarders, which can be found everywhere. Curious about what else TelstarSurf has to offer? Then visit the Mystic and Fanatic offer online at

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