In the Telstar Surf surf shop, Starboard is one of the leading windsurfing brands. Starboard has managed to create this place in the surf shop, among other things, through the innovative ideas.

These ideas come as a rule from Noor Svein Rasmussen and he founded Starboard in 1994. He was one of the first windsurfers to start shaping surfboards with the idea that boards should become wider. From these ideas, for example, the famous Starboard GO and Starboard I-sonic have emerged.

Starboard is not only progressive in terms of shapes. The Star board that is used in the windsurf boards is also innovative. The Starboards are for example very recognizable by the use of the wooden deck. Starboard was the first of all windsurfing brands.

In addition to Starboard windsurfing, Svein Rasmussen also firmly believes in the popularity of the SUP. Partly for this reason Starboard SUP is one of the largest brands in the world. View the Starboard label collection in the TelstarSurf shop and order your favorite surf gear online.

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