TABOU Windsurfing

Are you looking for windsurf gear from the top brand Tabou? Tabou can be found in Telstar's surf shop for years. Models like the Tabou Rocket, 3S and Manta have been the winner of big windsurf tests for years.

Tabou boards are generally suitable for a very broad target group through a sophisticated combination of speed and comfort. View the entire Tabou collection now and order easily online.

Tabou Windsurf boards

Tabou Manta: this board is a 100% racer with the highest PWA ambitions. Although the bar is set high, the Tabou Manta remains usable for a large group of wind surfers.

Tabou Rocket: this is an absolute bestseller in the collection of the Tabou surfboards. In the surf shop we are convinced that everyone on this windsurf board has a lot of fun when they are looking for a good freerider. Speed ​​and comfort in one windsurf board make the Tabou Rocket a winner.

Tabou 3S: 3S stands for 'Three Style'. The Tabou 3S has this name for a reason. The board combines a number of features such as wave, freestyle and freeride. The Tabou 3S sails great in choppy conditions, small waves and flat water.

At TelstarSurf you will always find Tabou stuff in the online shop, because Telstar Surf is a key dealer who is always the first to qualify for a deal deal with Tabou.

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