The new Duotone brand has been in existence since the summer of 2018. The brand came into existence after the Boards & More company renounced North Windsurfing and North kiteboarding. Both brands were established names in the surfing world for years, but have not been developed by Boards & More since the summer of 2018.

Duotone is actually a new brand, but still has many suspicious traits from the North windsurfing and North kiteboarding brands.

Duotone Kitesurfing

Ao the model names are taken from the North kiteboarding collection. Models like the Duotone Rebel, Duotone Evo, etc will most certainly not be unknown. In addition to the well-known model names, Duotone kiteboarding also has the high quality that it was previously famous for.

Duotone windsurfing

The windsurf collection has also been given names that will sound familiar. Examples of this are the Duootone Warp, Duotone S-Type, etc. Just as with Duotone kiteboarding, you will find the well-known quality.

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