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Kitesurf sale

On the kitesurf outlet page of Telstar Surf you will find a wide collection of kitesurf gear on sale. This kitesurf stuff is old. This means that they are new products from previous seasons. The offers are regularly updated, so keep an eye on this page for the best promotions. Kitesurf gear in the offer you get in the kitesurf outlet of Telstar Surf.

Kiteboard sale

We always have a number of great kite surf offers at Telstar Surf. The kiteboards are over-years, so they are competitively priced. There are different brands on sale, such as: Cabrinha, F-One, Airush, Brunotti. The kiteboards are new or as good as new. This is because we also sell test boards from our surf school in the outlet. If you are looking for a beautiful kitesurf board that is on sale, then you are at the right place at Telstar Surf!

Kite sale

Telstar Surf has many annual kites in stock. These kites are either left over from previous seasons or purchased as a perennial party. Consider brands such as Peter Lynn, Ozone, Naish, North and Duotone. The kites are in new to almost new condition. A single kite is a used as a test model, this is always indicated with the product. Are you looking for a suitable kite for sale? Then take a look around in this kite surfing outlet.

Kite bar sale

Are you looking for a good kitebar for a very competitive price to complete your kiteset? In our kitesurf outlet you will find the best aged kitesurf bars from top brands such as Duotone, Gaastra, Mystic, Naish and North. The bars in the outlet are in new condition and therefore last a long time.

Kite harness sale

In this kitesurf outlet you will find a number of beautiful perennial kitesurf trapezes on sale. These kitesurf trapezes have different brands, think of: ION, Manera, Mystic and Prolimit. The trapezes are brand new and will therefore last for years. Are you looking for a competitively priced trapeze? Then do that within our kitesurf outlet.

Kite helmets sale

Telstar Surf has a number of beautiful kitesurf helmets that are long-term and therefore on sale. The helmets are available from different brands. Think of: Bern, Brunotti, ION, Magic Marine, Mystic and NeilPryde. The helmets in the outlet are still in the box and are therefore brand new. If you want to stand safely on the water but are looking for a great offer, then you are at the right place with Telstar Surf!

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