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  1. 4034500007_1.jpg
    Unifiber Weedvin FWD TU Carbon
    €129.00 Regular Price €155.00
  2. 4034900002_1.jpg
    Unifiber Weed slasher US
    €60.00 Regular Price €75.00
  3. Lenox
    Bern Lenox
    €49.95 Regular Price €79.99

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Windsurf Sale

On the windsurf outlet page of Telstar Surf you will find windsurf gear for promotional prices. These are old-season windsurfing gear that you can buy for good prices. These windsurf offers are updated regularly so keep an eye on this page for buying the best outlet deals.

Windsurf board sale

There are always many windsurf boards on sale at Telstar Surf. In most cases these are perennial boards. This means that they are windsurf boards from past seasons. Telstar Surf has different brands of windsurf boards on offer, such as: Tabou and Starboard. Most boards are in new condition. In addition, we also have tested boards in our windsurf outlet. If you are looking for a windsurf board on sale, then take a look around in our windsurf outlet.

Windsurf sail sale

Telstar Surf has many years old or tested windsurf sails on sale. There are different brands available, including: Neilpryde, Loft Sails and Gaastra. These sails are new or used once for the test and are therefore in excellent condition. Take a look around in our windsurf outlet for the most beautiful windsurf sail offers.

Windsurf mast sale

At Telstar Surf we have a considerable collection of long-standing windsurfing masts. These are for sale at great promotional prices. In the windsurf outlet you will find offers from, among others, Severne, Gaastra and Loft Sails. Find a suitable mast for sale in the windsurf outlet.

Windsurf boom sale

There are always a number of beautiful windsurf booms on offer at Telstar Surf. These booms are from different top brands. Think of: North Sails, Unifiber and Aeron. The booms that we sell in our windsurf outlet are from previous seasons. This is how you buy a windsurf boom on sale with us.

Windsurf fins sale

Windsurf fins from previous seasons can be found at promotional prices at Telstar Surf in the windsurf outlet. These are fins from top brands such as MFC, Select and Unifiber. Are you looking for a suitable but cheap fin for under your windsurf board? Then take a look in our windsurf outlet.

Windsurf harness offers

At Telstar Surf we offer both seat and waist harnesses. In this windsurf outlet you will find trapezes for promotional prices from brands such as ION, Prolimit and Mystic. The sale harnesses are all new, but because they are over-years, they are ready for use at a great price.

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