Tribal windsurfing

The Tribal fin line does not exist that long. Tribal was founded in 2013 by two well-known designers in the windsurfing world. Together they sat down at the drawing board to develop a new premium windsurf fin. Hereby the excellent performances and the pleasure are paramount. All Tribal models and sizes are available at Telstar Surf.

Tribal windsurf fins

Tribal makes different fins for every type of rider. The fin is produced in Europe using CNC machines. The Tribal fins are therefore optimized for performance and a high degree of control.

Tribal Weed Speed​​

A well-known fin that we often sell at Telstar Surf is the weed fins. In the summer months there is a lot of seaweed on Strand Horst. The major disadvantage of the alga is that the surfing performance is deteriorating. You can't plan that fast anymore? While you're sailing, the board breaks into one (spin out)? It no longer feels like you're used to. This is literally because the seaweed lingers behind your fin. Because of this you notice that you can no longer sail well. To prevent the seaweed we have several seaweed fins for sale at Telstar Surf. The weed fins have a different shape, which means that most of the weeds that touch the fin will slide off. Please note, the performance of a mermaid will always be less than your original fin. However, of all the whales, only one can be the best. That is the Tribal Weed Speed ​​fin. The Weed Speed ​​from Tribal is a real star. Most slalom riders sail with this fin. The performance remains excellent while you no longer suffer from the weed.

Tribal MK1

Tribal is also doing well within the slalom world. Are you looking for that one fin for the right speed and control? Then look at the Tribal MK1.

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