Windsurf foil

Windsurf foil


The developments in windfoiling are going super fast. It is a very new and sensational way of windsurfing that is already possible at 8-9 knots of wind. The disadvantage is that you need relatively deep water and preferably free of aquatic plants. Just to be sure, take a little more than a meter to avoid hitting the bottom.

Windfoiling is not necessarily very expensive. If your board is ready to foil, you are ready to go from 799.-! Compared to a light windsurfing set, it is even more advantageous, because you don't really need a big rig to foil in little wind. More information about windfoil sailing can be found at the bottom of this text. 

Windfoiling is not difficult. A bit of a windsurfer will be able to sail quite quickly, although at the beginning you will go up and down like a rodeo rider. To make it easier, we recommend starting with a shorter mast between 50 and 75 centimeters. 


To begin with, the question is whether you can use your own/old slalom board. It can be done, but is not recommended. As a rule, the fin box is not sufficiently reinforced and there are also other features that differ. 
The specific windfoilboards have rather different properties compared to normal boards.

A real foilboard has no rocker line. Even slalom boards are more curved. A windfoil board doesn't need a rocker because it has no effective planing surface. The straight rocker line of a windfoilboard provides extreme advantages in planing the first few meters.

The tail of a windfoilboard is very wide. This allows you to step directly into the foot straps without having to gain much speed. Bear in mind that the footstraps are relatively far inward, unlike on a slalom board. \

The bottom of a windfoilboard is often equipped with substantial concaves. The concaves provide control when you land with the board on the water. The pressure created by the dive on the water can be better dissipated. 

The rails of windfoil boards are much rounder than on normal boards. The rounded rails provide control in the event of an unintentional dive. Hard rails are not necessary, because you don't gain height by the rails. 

The nose of a windfoil board rises considerably. This prevents diving into the water when coming down. 

The fin box of the board is extremely reinforced. The front of the fin box is subjected to extreme stress when windfoiling. Many windfoil brands use a special quadplate connexion (read: double US-box). A quadplate has the advantage that you can easily adjust the foil forwards or backwards. 

Good alternatives to a real windfoil board are the normal freeride, freerace or slalom boards that are 'Ready to Foil'. The advantage is that you can use the board both ways. Besides normal windsurfing you can also windfoil. Disadvantage is of course that you make concessions compared to 'real' windfoil boards. Many of the features in points 1 to 6 are not applicable in a Ready2foil board. 

Foil mast

Foil masts are available in different materials. Carbon is stiffer and more expensive, but offers better performance. The cheaper alternative is aluminum. Foil masts are available in a variety of lengths. Shorter masts are easier, but have the disadvantage of hitting choppy waves quickly. In the pure beginning 40 cm is ideal, but soon you will want much longer. For freeriding, 70 cm is more than sufficient. 

If you really want to race you need 90 cm with an extremely wide board. The extra height is needed for walking uphill. This height gain is only good if you sail the foil at an angle. A short mast runs the risk of hitting the water with the side of the board. 


The frontwing provides the elevator. The larger the foil, the more elevator in general. Of course, profile, thickness, material, etc. also play a major role. 


The front foilwing must be balanced by the foil stabalizer. The stabalizer determines the horizontal stability and course keeping. With the windfoil you often see a vertical stabilizer as well. This is needed to cope with the lateral pressure of the windsurfer. 

Foil fuselage

This is perhaps the most underestimated part of the windfoil. The Fuselage connects at the bottom the frontwing and stabalizer. The forces that come on a foil fuselage are enormous. Carbon is the most suitable material for this. As a rule, a longer fuselage is easier than a short one because it makes a more stable foil.
The long ones you can consider as freeriders and short ones are more for racing. 

Windfoiling is enormously on the rise in the Netherlands. At Telstarsurf there are test models available. If desired, you can get a free test model to experience windfloating yourself. 

Which sails do we use for windfoiling?

There are several types of sails suitable for windfoiling. It depends partly on whether you want to freeride or race your foil.
For racing you want a lightweight sail which is easy to handle and pump. In many cases the real racing foil sails have a dacron luff.

For freeride sailing there is a big chance that you already own a very suitable sail. You see wave sails, freeride, with - or without cams. Each sail has its pros and cons. An ideal Freeride Foil sail is a combination of the best features in one design.

What is important for a good Foil sail?  It is about the following 4 characteristics:

1. Lightweight
This is one of the most important characteristics. So besides your sail, you should also pay attention to a light mast and boom.

2. Soft - easy to pump 
The sail does not need the stiffness because the forces are less once you are up. RDM masts help to keep everything soft and easy. SDM masts allow you to hold more sail in more wind, but RDM is preferred for windfoiling.

3. Stable
It is important to keep the pressure point stable, because every movement affects the trim. Keeping everything constant is important. Cams help keep the profile stable and minimize movement.

4. Short boom - more control 
Shorter boom lengths make it easier to change your stance.

When tuning your freeride sail for foiling, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Downhaul - If you want to foil with a small sail size, or in super light weather, 1 or 2 cm less downhaul can make quite a difference.
Slalom sails handle less download not as well, while freeride sails will still rotate while giving more bottom end with less downhaul.

2. Outhaul - Less outhaul makes a big difference. With small sails on wide boards, less outhaul will reduce the chance of oversheating. For better upwind/downwind performance, an adjustable outhaul will help make the freeride setup more racy. You can then sail higher and deeper raids.

3. Boom height - After you have made your first flights, improve your stance by raising the boom.

4. Trapeze cords - Adjustable trapeze cords help you get the setup perfect. The bigger the sail, the shorter the lines. The wider the board, the longer the lines.
Generally, the see that 4 to 6 inches shorter lines than normal are used.

Maintenance of your windfoil

To avoid corrosion, it is very important to grease all metal bolts and nuts with copper grease or a similar solution. Otherwise there is a chance that you will never be able to get the bolts and nuts loose again. Especially salt water can have big consequences. 

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    Starboard Front Wing Evolution C300
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    Fanatic Foil Mast & Fuselage Carbon
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    Tabou Air Ride LTD 2022
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    Tabou Air Ride MTE 2022
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  5. Air Ride MTE & Hybrid Alu
    Tabou Air Ride MTE & Hybrid Alu
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    Severne Sails Redwing Hydrofoil
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    Starboard X-15 Carbon Reflex 2023
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    Starboard Carbon Slalom MKII C400
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    Starboard Tail Wing EVO MKII
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    Fanatic Gecko Foil HRS 2023
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    F-One Titan Alu pack
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    Starboard Freeride Starlite 2023
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    Severne Sails Predator
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    Severne Sails Fuselage
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    Severne Sails Backwing
  16. 111792_1.jpg
    Starboard Freeride Wood 2023
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    Starboard Carbon mast C300
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    Gaastra AirRide 2022
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    Fanatic Falcon Foil TE
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    Severne Sails Alien
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    Starboard Alu Freeride Evolution
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    Starboard Alu SuperFlyer Evolution
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    Gaastra AirRide 2021
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    Starboard Foil X Wing Starlite Carbon
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    Neilpryde Flight FR
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    Fanatic Flow Foil Fuselage AL (old mount)
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    Neilpryde Foil Head -DT
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    Neilpryde Foil Head -SP
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    Fanatic Stingray Foil HRS
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    Fanatic Stingray Foil LTD
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    Naish Chopper 3X
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    Starboard Front wing 800
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    Fanatic Flow foil wing set (old mount)
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    Starboard X-15 Carbon Reflex 2024
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    Fanatic Flow Foil Adapter PB (old mast)
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    Starboard Foil Freeride Wood
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    Fanatic Carbon Aero Free WS
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    Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite
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    Naish Bullet Wing 2024
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