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    Naish Custom Slalom S26
    €1,399.00 Regular Price €3,199.00
  2. 108981_1.jpg
    Naish Assault
    €999.00 Regular Price €2,829.00
  3. 112568_1.jpg
    Naish Stratos 2024
  4. 108983_1.jpg
    Naish Galaxy
    €1,389.00 Regular Price €2,849.00
  5. 108984_1.jpg
    Naish Galaxy GS
    €1,239.00 Regular Price €2,679.00
  6. 115463_1.jpg
    Naish Bullet Wing 2024
  7. 112567_1.jpg
    Naish Global
  8. 112569_1.jpg
    Naish Hookipa Quad 2024
  9. 112570_1.jpg
    Naish Micro Hover WS 2023
  10. 112571_1.jpg
    Naish Hover Wind Foil Crossover
  11. 108976_1.jpg
    Naish Hover WS
    €999.00 Regular Price €2,499.00
  12. 108977_1.jpg
    Naish Micro Hover WS
    €949.00 Regular Price €2,399.00
  13. 5100440127_1.jpg
    Naish Crossover Windsup
    €599.00 Regular Price €1,229.00
  14. 4001000058_1.jpg
    Naish WS Micro Hover
    €849.00 Regular Price €1,999.00
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Buy Naish windsurfing boards 

Whoever thinks of windsurfing thinks of Naish. The Naish brand was founded by windsurfer Robby Naish. Multiple windsurfing champion and also in the other areas of water sports he has become a legend. Naish, the brand, has since become one of the most well-known and leading brands in all of water sports.  Are you looking for high-quality windsurf boards for different levels and disciplines? Then Naish windsurf boards are the perfect choice for you!

How is the Naish windsurfboards collection

Naish has a large range of windsurfing boards, from beginner to freestyle and also windsurf foiling has since been added to the collection. Naish windsurf boards are designed and manufactured by one of the world's leading windsurfing brands and offer a combination of performance, quality and durability.

What are Naish Freestyle windsurfboards like.

Freestyle Naish windsurf boards are perfect for windsurfers who want to focus on tricks and slides on the water. With their light weight, fast response and maneuverability, these Naish freestyle boards are ideal for performing moves like flakas, shakas and burners. 

Naish wave windsurf boards

Wave Naish windsurf boards are designed for surfers who want to focus on surfing waves. Built to withstand the toughest waves, these boards offer excellent maneuverability and responsiveness, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surf session. The high level of quality allows surfers to continue to develop and challenge themselves with Naish waveboards.

Who are the Naish race windsurf boards for?

In the race and slalom world, Naish boards have become indispensable. The Naish Race windsurfboards are specifically aimed at windsurfers who want to achieve maximum speed on the water. With their streamlined shape and lightweight construction, these windsurf boards offer excellent stability and control, even at high speeds, making for an exciting and challenging surfing experience.

Naish beginner boards 

Beginner boards are perfect for windsurfers who are just starting out and want to develop their skills. Naish beginner boards are made of durable materials and offer excellent stability and ease of use, allowing beginners to learn windsurfing quickly.

What windsurfing foil boards does Naish have

Windsurfing is becoming increasingly popular and Naish has expanded their collection as a result. With their advanced design and construction, these boards are perfect for windsurfers looking for a challenging and exciting windsurfing experience. Naish foil windsurf boards are the latest innovation in the windsurfing world and offer a combination of performance, quality and durability. These boards are designed to be used in combination with a foil, adding an extra dimension to windsurfing. 

Advice on buying a Naish windsurfboard

Are you excited about the Naish windsurf boards? Then feel free to stop by Telstar Surf and check out our extensive collection.  We offer a wide range of Naish windsurfboards of high quality boards for different levels and disciplines. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced windsurfer, there is always a Naish windsurfboard that suits you.


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