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The developments and trends in wing surfing are going very fast! Since the hydrofoil came on the market, wingsurfing has emerged and has become a real trend, not only now but also in the future. Are you looking for a wing or do you want to know more about wing surfing? Then read on below!

What is Wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing is a combination of windsurfing, kitesurfing and foiling. With the wing, an inflatable sail/kite, you stand on a surfboard. The surfboard floats above the water due to a airplane look alike construction attached below the board, called the hydrofoil. Before you start with wing foiling it is very important to have a good balance, a good feeling for the wind is always a bonus!

The biggest advantage of wingsurfing is that it takes up little space. Ideal to take with you in a small car or on holidays! All you need is a wing, board and foil. As soon as the wind blows, you pump up the wingsurf wing, step on the water and before you know it you are literally floating above the water.

How do I start wingsurfing?

Wingsurfing is the new water sport and it is becoming very popular! Perhaps you are already familiar with windsurfing, kitesurfing or even with a hydrofoil, then you will master the water sport fairly quickly. Even if you have no experience with these sports, learning to wingsurf is not as hard as you might think.
Of course, the location can also make a big difference. You have to imagine that your only source of stabilization is the board. With windsurfing you have the mast and with kitesurfing your bar. You might imagine that this is different and therefore harder to learn. To start winging it is best to first enter the flat water. On flat water you will not be bothered by small/high waves, which makes getting on and trying to stand on the wingboard a lot easier. To practice and create extra balance, it is easier to practice on a 140 liter board. Make no mistake about the amount of litres; the more liters, the easier it is to keep the balance on the board. You can't really compare this with windsurfing, because with windsurfing you are a lot more stable on the board!

What do you need for wingsurfing?

Before you go on the water, it is very important to have all wingsurf equipment complete. To be able to wing you need the following materials:

  • Wingsurf wing: a wingsurf wing is an inflatable kite that you hold in your hands on a boom or loops, depending on the brand or type of wing. To buy the ideal wing, it is best to look at the amount of wind with which you go on the water. Depending on how much wind you need, you may need several sizes of wingsurf wings. The most common wing size is about 5 square meters.
  • Wingsurf board: to be able to wingsurf, you also need a wingfoil board in addition to the wing and a foil. Are you new to wingsurfing? Then it is wise to take a board with many liters. Assume about a 140 liter board. The more liters a board has, the more stable it is. Therefore, try to start on flat water. The less wave action, the more stable you will stand on the wingboard. Because of the shape of a wingboard you will be balancing on the foil.
  • Wingfoil: the wingsurf foil is the hydrofoil which is attached under the board. This hydrofoil allows the board to float above the water. The wingsurf foil is available in different types and sizes. The larger the front wing of the foil, the more lift the foil will generate. The more lift, the faster you float above the water. A larger front blade is therefore recommended in low wind conditions than in strong winds. Not sure which size wingsurf foil you should purchase? Then you can assume that an average size is around 1750.

How much wind do I need for wingsurfing?

Thanks to the wing foil under your board, you have little resistance. The amount of resistance means that you don't need a lot of wind to fly. You only have to get a little bit of "lift" from the foil and before you know it you are wingsurfing. With a button or 10 you can already go out on the water to practice! The harder the wind blows in the beginning, the easier it is to practice. You don't have to focus on the technique of the wing and foil.

Wingsurf brands

Of course, all parts must fit together properly. View with which wind conditions you would like to wing and look for the right wingsurf materials based on that. There are plenty of wingsurf brands on the market to provide you with the ideal gear: Fanatic, Reedin, F-one, Neilpryde, Starboard, Naish and Ozone

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  1. Rocket Wing ASC & Gravity Carbon
    F-One Rocket Wing ASC & Gravity Carbon

    €1,849.00 €2,953.00

  2. Rocket ASC & Phantom FCT
    F-One Rocket ASC & Phantom FCT
    €1,899.00 €2,358.00
  3. Pocket Air & Gravity Carbon
    Tabou Pocket Air & Gravity Carbon
    €1,949.00 €3,038.00
  4. Strike V2 & Rocket Air
    F-One Strike V2 & Rocket Air

    €2,479.00 €2,950.00

  5. 115040_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V3 CWC
    €1,099.00 Regular Price €1,399.00
  6. 115121_1.jpg
    F-One STRIKE V3
    €824.95 Regular Price €1,179.00
  7. 115122_1.jpg
    F-One STRIKE V3
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  8. 111222_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing
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  9. 110655_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V2
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  10. 113542_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V2
    €593.45 Regular Price €1,079.00
  11. 113543_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V2
    €593.45 Regular Price €1,079.00
  12. 113551_1.jpg
    F-One Gravity Carbon Plane
    €849.00 Regular Price €1,249.00
  13. 110654_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V2
    €521.95 Regular Price €949.00
  14. 111234_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V1 CWC
    €769.00 Regular Price €1,179.00
  15. 110656_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V2
    €593.45 Regular Price €1,079.00
  16. 111233_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V1 CWC
    €769.00 Regular Price €1,179.00
  17. 111232_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V1 CWC
    €769.00 Regular Price €1,179.00
  18. 4001700054_1.jpg Try & Buy
    F-One Swing - V2
    €539.95 Regular Price €899.00
  19. 115041_1.jpg
    F-One Strike V3 CWC
    €959.00 Regular Price €1,199.00
  20. 115123_1.jpg
    F-One STRIKE V3
    €824.95 Regular Price €1,179.00
  21. 115059_1.jpg
    F-One Fuselage Carbon Mirage
  22. 113548_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Surf
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  23. 113550_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing-S Carbon
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  24. 113559_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing-S
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  25. 113549_1.jpg
    F-One Rocket Wing Carbon
    €1,575.00 Regular Price €2,249.00
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