Loft Sails Windsurfing sails

De Loft started designing windsurfing sails in the year 2000. The American Windsurfer magazine was the first to test Maui sailing from The Loftsails. The O2 and Lip came as the numbers 1 and 2 from this controversial windsurfing test.

The Loftsails enjoys worldwide distribution and has been tested in most major windsurf magazines. The Loft is a real windsurfing company. The Loftsails is very committed to the development of leading windsurfing sails of top quality - both in performance and production.

The Loft supported Valerie Ghibaudo for her remarkable 2009 season. Valerie dominated the PWA slalom events, without losing one in that year. Valerie also dominated the Windsurfing Speed ​​World Cup and became champion for the second year in a row. The Loftsails also supported Ludo Jossin, who became overall French Champion in 2009. In 2010, Valerie won the PWA from Almanarre and Alacati and with that earned her place on the podium, while Ludo Jossin won the Spanish slalom tour and Antoine Questel asl finished 2nd in the French AFF Slalom championships.

In 2011 the Dutch Ben Van Der Steen came on stage several times during the PWA Slalom Tour and brought the Loftsails to place 3 in the PWA constructors ranking 2011. Loftsails 2012 - PWA podium places for Antoine, Lena, Ben and Joss! Loftsails again came on stage PWA for Constructors on ranking 3.

Monty Spindler has been a mentor for countless sail makers and designers, such as Roland Luehrs (Neil Pryde and Gaastra), Jasper Sanders (Neil Pryde and ART), Miro Picorilla (Speed ​​Sails, Rome), Glenn Macilwraithe (Neil Pryde), Gildas Bouchet ( Yucca Sails, France), Claudio Zecchini (Seatex Sails, Garda), Fabian Pendle (Space Dog Sails) and Robert Stroj (ART / Pryde). Over the years, Monty Spindler has made many successful designs by working with many leading windsurfers. Monty is one of the most successful windsurfing designers ever and now has his own Loftsails

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